Announcing the 54th Annual United Arts Fund

Announcing the 54th Annual United Arts Fund

Thursday Sep 9th, 2021

United Arts Fun Mission

The arts and humanities are fundamental to society. Together, they foster creativity, beauty, and a deeper understanding of the human experience. They can be leveraged to express our values, support lifelong learning, and build bridges by bringing people together regardless of their differences.

Established in 1967, the United Arts Fund, which is managed by Erie Arts & Culture, supports the arts and humanities in Erie’s urban core by providing unrestricted funding to the Erie County Historical Society, the Erie Philharmonic, the Erie Playhouse, the expERIEnce Children’s Museum, and the Flagship Niagara League. The annual United Arts Fund also supports Erie Arts & Culture's Ignite Arts grant program. 

2020 Campaign 

The 2020 United Arts Fund raised $796,974.27. This was an increase of $118,809.65 from the 2019 campaign - once again exceeding fundraising records for the UAF. Of that total, $134,124.53 was secured by Erie Arts & Culture from corporate citizens and the agency’s long-term donors. 60% of that total served as a prorated match for the five participating Cultural Service Partners. In total, the Cultural Service Partners raised an additional $662,849.74 from more than 1,550 donors, with 559 of those contributions coming from first time donors.

2020 Award Amounts

  • Erie County Historical Society/ Hagen History Center - $243,629.00 raised and $17,384.86 awarded
  • Erie Philharmonic - $175,383.87 raised and $17,384.86 awarded
  • Erie Playhouse - $100,284.40 raised and $17,384.86 awarded
  • expERIEnce Children's Museum - $55,248.00 raised and $17,384.86 awarded
  • Flagship Niagara League - $82,094.07 raised and $17,384.86 awarded

2021 Campaign

We invite our Erie community to support the arts and humanities within Erie's urban core. It's your donations from the UAF campaign that help us continue our work in the region! The campaign runs September 1 and  through December 31. This year's goal is $750,000.