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A Murder Mystery Tea

The Hagen History Center Presents


“Who Killed the Dastardly Duke of Darjeeling?”
A Murder Mystery Tea

Rupert Emory Percey Riggs Orson Bradford Arlen Thorin Everlie, the twelfth Duke of Darjeeeling, has been found dead in his London home, Grey Manor.

The dastardly duke led a dissolute life. His reprehensible behavior was well known throughout Europe. Though handsome, his looks belied his black heart; he was a cheat, a liar, a philanderer, and a cruel employer. His name says it all.

The cause of death was a lethal dose of laudanum; the manner of death is yet to be determined. Natural causes? Suicide? Dare we think it...Homicide?

Because the deceased was a peer of the realm, Parliament has called for a thorough investigation. A public hearing has been scheduled to present all the facts to assure an informed and just decision is reached. Your presence is eagerly requested to aid in this endeavor. Please join us.

The Watson-Curtze Mansion
Sunday, October 10, 2021
Two o’clock

Reservation deadline: Wednesday, October 6
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Join us for an afternoon of suspense...and silliness!