CivilWar 042 v2

Watson-Curtze Mansion

  • Children’s Exhibit-Winifred Watson’s Bedroom
  • Expanded Griswold Ironware Exhibit
  • Bootees and Bonnets, and Bibs. Oh My!
  • Civil War Gallery
  • Mr. Watson's Billiard Room
  • Servants’ Quarters
  • Victorian Fashions Gallery
Winifred Watson’s Bedroom
Griswold Ironware Exhibit
Civil War Gallery
New Exhibit Building v2

New Exhibit Building

  • Welcome Gallery featuring Commodore O. H. Perry’s telescope and sword from the Battle of Lake Erie
  • Frank Lloyd Wright's original San Francisco Office
  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Butterfly Wing Bridge Model
  • Coming to Erie Coming May 2022
  • Erie at Work coming May 2022
Perry case 2
Oliver Hazard Perry's telescope and sword
IMG 4973
Frank Lloyd Wright's Butterfly Wing Bridge Model
FLW Office v5
Frank Lloyd Wright's San Francisco Office
2546MorrisonHouseSide v2

Wood-Morrison Home

  • Erie Extension Canal Exhibit
  • Weschler Gallery of Military Service
  • Erie and the Navy Exhibit
IMG 4984
Erie Extension Canal Diorama
IMG 4985
Mad Anthony Wayne's Pot & Chair
Bobbi Hovis
Bobbi Hovis Display