Public History, Available to You

The King-Mertens Archival Storage Building house's 10,000 square feet of space include archival material, diaries, letters, correspondence, books, typescripts, reports, photographs and other historical resources. 

Built in 2015, holdings include 800+ separate collections and 8,200+ linear feet of material. Professional staff continues their commitment to helping researchers and other visitors find what they need in a timely, efficient manner. 

King-Mertens Archival Storage
Abraham Lincoln: Anything having to do with Abraham Lincoln specifically. 

American Red Cross: Items relating to the American Red Cross. (clothing, buttons, etc.)

Archaeology: Artifacts relating to archaeological digs or other findings. (arrowheads, stones, etc.)

Asian Art: Any form of art relating to Asia or it’s artwork style. 

Children’s Clothing: All clothing and accessories designed for children. (shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, gloves, hats, etc.)

Civil War: All Civil War and earlier; goes in WCM Room 3.

Coins/Medals: Any coin or medal, commemorative or currency.

Collector Spoon: Spoons that commemorating important places and people. Does not include flatware, serving spoons, or any utility spoon.

Decorative Arts: Any form of artwork that would be displayed for viewing pleasure. (vases, statues, wreaths, etc.)

Erie Business: Objects relating to a business in Erie, even things that simply have the company name on it.

Erie Events: Objects commemorating an event that happened in Erie.

Erie Interest: Objects regarding Erie but do not fall into the other Erie collections.

Erie Manufacturing: Objects manufactured in Erie.

Eugene Iverd: Objects that regard Iverd or contain an image produced by Iverd.

Flag: Flags of any kind.

Furniture: Any type of big furniture items. (chairs, tables, desks, dressers, etc.)

GAR: Post Civil War related to the Grand Arm of the Republic. (ribbons and medals)

Griswold: All Griswold objects.

Hand Work: Handmade objects that were sewn, crotched, etc. (quilts, needle pictures, handkerchiefs, etc.)

Hand Work Tools: Tools used to make Hand Work objects.

Historical Object: Items with a historical background but are not Erie specific.

Household Goods: Smaller items you would find throughout a house. (dishes, utensils, toiletries, etc.) 

Maritime: Objects regarding ships that are not related to big name ships here in Erie.

Marx Toys: All Marx Toys.

Men’s Accessories: Objects that are part of a man’s wardrobe other than the clothing itself. (shoes, pipes, hats, etc.)

Men’s Clothing: Any men’s item of clothing (shirts, pants, vests, coats, etc.)

Military: Any military object relating to any of the wars; WWI, WWII, Spanish American War, Korean, etc. Example: Military - WWI (clothing, helmets, medals, etc.)

Musical Instruments: Any object that is known as a musical instrument.

Native American: Any Native American object including South American Natives, Erie, etc. Example: Native American - Erie (arrowheads, bowls, jewelry, clothing, etc.)

Niagara/Lawrence: Any object regarding the Niagara or the Lawrence.

Office Supplies: Objects that were used in the office. (pens, inkwell, paperweights, etc.)

Salaczyk Military: Any item in the Salaczyk accession.

Sports & Leisure: Any sport or game objects. (board games, cards, etc.)

Stereoscope: Objects associated with a stereoscope.

Tools: Tools such as woodworking tools. (hammer, auger, etc.)

Toy & Doll: Any toy or doll, along with doll items. (doll, dollhouse, doll clothes, stuffed animals, tea sets, etc.)

WCM: Objects that belong to the Watson-Curtze Mansion.

Weapons: Any type of weapon. (guns, swords, etc.)

WMH: Objects that belong to the Wood-Morrison House.

Women’s Accessories: Objects that are part of a woman’s wardrobe other than the clothing itself. (shoes, fan, parasol, brooch, etc.)

Women’s Clothing: Any women’s item of clothing. (shirt, pants, skirt, dress, etc.)

WPA: Models of structures used for educational purposes through the Works Progress Administration.