Tours & Education

Guided and Self-Guided Tours

During regular hours, the museum is open for self-guided tours. Guided tours are available with advanced scheduling. 

The Hagen History Center is a Blue Star Museum. There are over 2,000 art, science, history and children’s museums, in addition to zoos, and nature centers that offer free admission to those currently serving in the United States Military. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard as well as members of the Reserves, National Guard, US Public Health Commissioned Corps, NOAA Commissioned Corps are welcome to tour the Hagen History Center at no charge. The military personnel are welcome to bring up to five family members with them at no charge.  Valid military ID is required.

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For Children

Visits are adapted for the age of the student groups’ age levels to assure the most engaging learning experience possible. The Museum Educator is also available to visit schools for specific talks.

For Adults

Adult visitors to The Thomas B. Hagen History Center receive a full guided or self-guided tour of all our public facilities. The Museum Educator is also available to speak to community groups both on our campus and at your site.


Researchers can view items from our collections by appointment with our Archivist or Curator. Access over 200 years of Erie County history.

Tours and Education

Additional Educational Materials

View our Sacrifice, Valor, and Grit video series


Why We Tour - Testimonial

In the words of the teachers, “This field trip was an experience in hands-on history.  Students touched real artifacts, talked to actual curators, and studied authentic documents all with connections to our collective local history.  The campus of Hagen History Center is steeped in Erie culture and is a blend of state-of-the-art museum facilities and historical landmarks.”  Many thanks to the staff and volunteers for their help making this possible

In a partnership with the Millcreek Township School District and Westlake Middle School, all two hundred 7th graders visited HHC over four days.

Teachers Erin Anderson and Megan Hollern, with the full support of their Principal Mr. Martin Kaveman and the district’s Curriculum Director Dr. Tim Stoops, helped the HHC staff and volunteers make this possible.

In addition to tours of the Watson-Curtze Mansion, the students attended educational sessions at the Wood-Morrison House. Students were divided into groups of ten and on a 25-minute schedule, 5 different topics were presented. Each stop or station was developed to be engaging and give the student a deeper understanding of history by analyzing photos, documents and artifacts firsthand.

Student 2

In the above photo, seventh grade students from Westlake were studying clothing from the 1800s in the Wood-Morrison House. Their task was to look for clues from the garments and from photographs to determine the age of the clothing.

students 5

ECHS Volunteer Deborah Sementelli, dressed in Civil War era clothing, spoke to the Westlake students at the Wood-Morrison House about life in Erie County during that time period.