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Looking for something for students to work on while at home?

The Hagen History Center offers online learning with modules from our website at

The modules were developed in the summer of 2019 in collaboration with Erie County teachers to create learning modules and resources for education. 

Originally developed for teachers to use in the classroom, the modules can be adapted for home use.   They include lessons for primary grades, middle school grades and high school grades.

Feel free to download the materials and continue the educational process.

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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Letter from the Erie County Historical Society / Hagen History Center - May 6, 2020

As the global health community and the world come together to face the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to share some good news.

Previously, there was substantial media coverage on new buildings and new exhibits coming to the Hagen History Center. While there have been a few delays from our original timeline, we are still on track to provide new, interactive exhibits that combine education and story telling to showcase our pride in Erie County. We are now targeting July to unveil these new exhibits.

Know that every decision we make is being guided by our long-standing commitment to Erie County, the safety of our visitors and staff.

As you may know, we closed our doors to the public on March 16, 2020. While we’re not hosting tours of our museum or events, we continue to update our website, Check out our many new, video tours and fascinating blogs to keep your interest in history alive even after we re-open our doors to the community. Also join us (and Like us) on Facebook.

We are committed to thinking long-term about our mission. I want you to know that our staff is actively working from home. They continue to be occupied with the new exhibits scheduled to be unveiled this summer. They are also drafting plans for future educational opportunities and social events.

If you have a question, you’re welcome to email a staff member. Their emails are listed on the website at

Our goal is to celebrate our reopening with several dates in which the community can come the museum at no charge. Of course, each of these events will be subject to the guidelines from the Department of Health. The dates a tentative and subject to change as health and safety circumstances dictate.

ECHS will be hosting a replica of the Liberty Bell on July 8, in conjunction with the League of Women Voters. The “Freedom Bell” celebrates the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. The exhibit will remain at the Watson-Curtze Mansion until August 18.

We will be opening EIGHT new galleries across the Hagen History Center Campus on the weekend of July 18-19. Stay tuned for the announcement of our coming exhibit of major national importance.

These galleries will be exciting, state of the art exhibits that will tell our communities’ stories. They have been designed and build by award winning companies that have built museums nationwide.

We are committed to keeping this momentum going. These events will kick-off our return to a new normal and celebrate our perseverance. They will aid the Erie community’s healing effort by bringing us together to celebrate our heritage.

I ask that ask the community to join us in this effort. Please plan to visit the Hagen History Center and celebrate with the entire community our collective history. Know that it is your support that empowers us to continue our mission.


George E. Deutsch, Executive Director


Annual Meeting Award Nominations

Annual Meeting Award Nominations

“Long Life & Happiness for All its Residents” #9

The 1888 book I’m using as my inspiration to write this blog is 138 large sized pages long.  It features 85 “portraits” of Erie men with a picture and description of the business they were engaged in. Then I made a conscious decision to look for women’s portraits and it became painfully obvious there is not one image of a woman except what is pictured below.  I want to write a little on this “unseen half” of the population.

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Virtual Tour- Battles Estate White House

Take a virtual tour of the Battle's Estate White House First Floor.

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