Annual Fund

Annual Fund

This is history that stimulates. History that excites. History that inspires.


That is what we have been hearing since the July re-opening of the Hagen History Center with restored historic homes, new buildings, and new interactive exhibits.

Add to that Frank Lloyd Wright’s original San Francisco office, his Cord automobile, and his Butterfly Wing Bridge and the community has been buzzing! And there is still more coming…

New exhibits for 2022 are already in the works. The heartfelt stories of our shared immigration will be featured next May. A virtual reality experience with Commodore Perry in the Battle of Lake Erie is sure to test your seaworthiness. And our post pandemic baby boom exhibit is sure to celebrate new life. 

Join us as we bring these exhibits and much more to the Erie community and beyond. Help us tell our story to countless school age children as they learn about and become proud of their home in Erie County, PA. 

Students on field trips will learn the stories of our military families and come to appreciate the sacrifices they made.  Children can also test their architectural skills as they build virtual homes; they can sail with Commodore Perry on Lake Erie or work a canal lock with our virtual/augmented reality experiences.

Support the Hagen History Center’s Annual fund and help us continue bringing history that inspires.

And we’ve made it easy with the availability of monthly donations.   

You can make your gift online using the donate button or use the attached sheet for opportunities to support student field trips, maintain the campus, or help promote Erie’s heritage for current and future generations.   In addition, you can also use the attached sheet to request more information on sponsoring a room, on planned giving opportunities, or on buying a brick on the Carriage House Patio. 

Since 1903, Erie County Historical Society has been dedicated to collecting, preserving and promoting the study of our region’s rich history for future generations, and we’d like to invite you to continue to join us in this mission as a supporter of the Hagen History Center.

Whichever way you choose to support the HHC, know that you’ll become part of Erie’s history and the effort to support Erie’s resurgence. 

Should you have any questions, please contact us at 814-454-1813 x 34.

Thank you for your consideration. 

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