Request a Donation

Request a Donation from the Hagen History Center

The Hagen History Center is honored to support charitable organizations that impact our community through in-kind donations. Below is a list of eligibility criteria to see if your organization is qualified. Please note, all requests must be submitted via the form below or by mail. Phone requests will not be processed. 

Eligibility in Requesting a Donation

  • My organization is located within 80 miles of the Hagen History Center.
  • My event is three (3) weeks or more away. 
  • If a donation is received, I agree to recognize the Hagen History Center. 
  • A written request about your event is submitted via the form below or mailed to 356 West 6th Street Erie, PA 16507.
  • Phone requests cannot be processed. Please use online form or mail only. 

Please note:

  • In an effort to allocate our donations across a variety of organizations in our community, the Hagen History Center will not donate to the same organization more than once per year. 
  • Hagen History Center will not accept requests for any monetary donations. 

Application Process:

  • All requests must be submitted three (3) weeks prior to your event and through our form below. 
  • Donations will be mailed. 
  • Hagen History Center has the right to determine what is donated to any organization and all decisions made are final.

Fill out the form below and a member of our staff will be in touch with you soon.

We agree to recognize the donation as being from the Hagen History Center:
My Company/Organization is located within 80 miles from the Hagen History Center.: