Family History, Genealogy

Hagen History Center's sister organization, the Erie Society for Genealogical Research, handles all family history research inquiries for both groups.  

The Erie Society for Genealogical Research encourages public awareness of family history and fosters research and understanding of genealogy through its publications and activities. Established in 1972, the society has an international membership dedicated to five primary goals:

  • To foster family history education and research;
  • To publish genealogical information;
  • To provide educational opportunities and training in genealogy research methods;
  • To provide a computer matching service for surnames research, and
  • To share accumulated knowledge.
To inquire, visit their website, call directly at (814) 454-1813 x 29 or write to:

Erie Society for Genealogical Research
P.O. Box 1403
Erie, PA 16512-1403

Have questions? Contact Erie Society for Genealogical Research