Erie County Schools

Experiential Visits/Field Trips 

Hagen History Center staff and volunteers host engaging, interactive field trips for Erie County students at both the Erie and Girard campuses. The Erie-based tours will include experiences in the Watson-Curtze Mansion, the Wood-Morrison House, and the New Exhibit Building. The New Exhibit Building includes the original San Francisco office of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the Architecture Gallery, and The Story of Us exhibit. Girard-based experiences are held on the Battles Estate and include tours of the White House and Yellow House. Contact the Curator of Education ( to schedule a tour for your school or class.  

The Hagen History Center has funding to cover student admission and bus transportation costs. Please contact the Curator of Education ( to let us know if your school participates in the Educational Improvement Tax Credit program.

School Site Presentations

Hagen History Center staff and volunteers will prepare and present interactive lesson modules at Erie County elementary, middle, and high schools. Staff also present at Erie County homeschool group venues. Teaching modules include original and facsimile artifacts and objects brought to the classroom for students to see and touch. Lessons include having students read and interpret handwritten letters and view vintage photographs, drawings, and posters. Topics under consideration for 2024: The Black Experience in Erie History, The Story of Women in Erie, Sport in Erie’s History, and Erie County and The Civil War. Additional legacy presentations include Erie County in World War II, The Underground Railroad in Erie County, Geography of Northwestern Pennsylvania, and Ethnic Erie. Please contact the Curator of Education ( to learn more about the presentation program or to schedule someone from the history center to speak to your students.

Online Teaching Resources 

Hagen History Center staff collaborates with local Erie County teachers to prepare and promote educational and interactive lesson plans for students. The lesson plans will be available for teachers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. The lesson plans will closely align with the Hagen History Center’s exhibits and exhibit schedule. Lesson plans in process for 2024 include modules on The Story of Us, Prohibition in Erie, and the San Francisco Office of Frank Lloyd Wright. Current and future lesson plans will be anchored by the archival collections of the Hagen History Center and will fulfill Pennsylvania State Academic standards. 

History-on-the-Go Program 

The Hagen History Center offers a traveling trunk program available for delivery to schools or for pick-up at the history center. The trunks include copies of prepared lesson plans and reproductions of artifacts from our archives including objects, textiles, and other materials from the collection for use by teachers in their classrooms. 

Volunteer and Shadowing Opportunities 

Hagen History Center offers Erie County high school students the opportunity to volunteer or intern to fulfill school community service credits. The history center also offers opportunities for high school students to shadow staff for their high school internship/shadowing courses. 

For more information, contact our Director of Programming & Visitor Experience by email or by calling (814) 454-1813 Ext. 27