Battle of the Barristers

Monday Mar 30th, 2020

Room 33 was an exciting spot on Wednesday, January 29, during the Battle of the Barristers benefiting the Hagen History Center.

The second annual celebrity bartending event pitted local lawyers against each other in a friendly competition to raise the most donations for HHC.

Bartending Celebrities included HHC board member Grant Yochim, Ed Smith, Pete Sala, Brian Bolash, Tim Riley, Rachel George, Mary Payton Jarvie, Brian Hennessy, Bill Helbling and Hillary Hoffman.  Because of their generosity, the generosity of those in attendance, and the generosity of Room 33, HHC raised $5,500 during this three-hour event. This is just shy of doubling last year’s total!

Doug Sullivan won $84 from the 50/50 and donated his winnings to Celebrity Hillary Hoffman.

Each bartender raised $100, with several raising over $200 and a few over $500. Brian Bolash won bragging rights for the year with his total of $2,026 raised.  Brian’s total could even increase as some of his donors are employees of Erie Insurance which offers matching gifts!

A big thank you to our many donors and sponsors of the event.