Changes in Men’s Clothing: Part Two

Amanda Rockwood

Wednesday Nov 3rd, 2021

Welcome back to men’s fashion! Today we will continue through the decades of men’s fashion with part two of this blog.

In the 1930s, due to the economic crash throughout the word clothing production slowed greatly. Even with this there were still changes in styles for men. Now we see broader shoulders due to the return of shoulder pads. Trousers would have a more tapered look and waists would be smaller. This style was meant to emphasize a man’s figure rather than hide it. This also helped cut the cost of clothing due to the use of less fabric. We also see the loss of brighter colors during this time. Men reverted to darker more natural colors because bright colors were seen as inappropriate during a time of hardship.

Mens Clothing 2

Like the 1930s, the 1940s also saw restrictions on fashion due to world events. With the World War there would again be restrictions on fabrics. Bright colors would completely go out of style at this time. Men’s clothing became simplistic with ties being the only added excitement to an outfit. Patterned ties came into vogue and the tie itself would become shorter and wider.

Mens Clothing 2.1

By the 1950s outfits became even more simple looking than they once were. Plain looking suits were the norm for businessmen. Shoulder pads once again disappeared, ties were slim, and shirt collars less noticeable. Trousers seemed to have stayed the same overall. All of this was done to see a more uniform look in men’s fashion. At this same time, sunglasses became a big hit.

Mens Clothing 2.2

With the 1960s fashion had a major boom. We go from the darker simpler look of the 1950s into the bright and fun look. We now see flowered shirts, puffed sleeves, silk scarves, velvet pants, and so many other new and exciting changes. Suit jackets and trousers would become tighter, and vests disappeared. This is when we begin to see multiple styles such as the rocker, the hippie, etc., which helped give people the sense of individuality.

Mens Clothing 2.3