COVID-19 Collection

Jeff Sherry

Friday Oct 9th, 2020

It’s a pandemic! The President and First Lady have tested positive in an election year! 2020 has indeed been a long, trying and often deadly year for millions worldwide. Our lives have all been affected. Masks, quarantines, social distancing, capacity limits at restaurants and bars have all become part of our daily lives. Our children are probably taking classes online. Back to school shopping trips did not happen this year. The National Pastime, Major League baseball played a shortened season without fans. The NBA payed in a bubble.

How has your life been affected by the pandemic? Every story is history. You might not think about it now as history, but it is. Think about parents and grandparents that lived through The Great Depression or WW II. The little habits they may have developed often lasted a lifetime. Will we be the same? Will wearing a mask in public become common? Will we think about being in crowds differently?

Take time to reflect on the year of 2020 and beyond. What are your memories? How has your life changed? Please take time to look at the Covid-19 Project here on our website and share your memories, photos and even videos. In the project  information, you will find the email address where you can leave your contributions.

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