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Jeanne Kidder

Saturday Apr 18th, 2020

Clara Petrat diary was written on brown bag paper.  She was a member of a German immigrant family and lived at 313 W. 17 St. She was a student at Erie High School Class of 1904. The diary begins in March.  Since you will see the diary exactly as she wrote it, her punctuation and capitalization mistakes improve as she goes to English Class.  The first few pages of the diary are fragmented and some of the script is missing.

March 14, 1900

Erie, Pa.

313 W. 17 St.

Clara Petrat

Class of 1904

Erie High School

…Lectron by Mrs. Burns

… of Greek sculpture by Miss


Talk about Westminster Abby in

Miss Manson Class

Mr. Diehl visited our English Class.

Fri. March 15, Had to read in English Class.

Did a example on the board

May came in our English Class.

On the way running for the train being

quiet late May Cr. fell flat.

Went to see a poor family.

Sat. March 16 I feel so bad I could not

go away.  May want me to go away

with her.  It was a beautiful day

Sun. 17 I was not feeling well and May

can over.  I could not go to Sunday School

Mon 18  I went to club

March Mon 19.  I went to a German Play in

the Opera Hall.

I went to the class play of 1901, 50 c

I also went to the field day         45 c

Some of the items listed in her financial notes:

Spend from July 1   

July 6 Sun,  2 cents for   

July 7 Mon. 15 cents for Waldameer

July 13 Sun, 3 cents

July 20 Sun, 2 cents

July 27 Sun, 2 cents

July 30 Wed, 4 cents for stamps

Aug 1. Fri. Spent 30 cents for elk fur

Aug 2 Sat. 12 cents for silk

Aug 3 Sun. 2 cents

Aug 10 Sun 2 cents

Aug 14 Thrus. 15 cents for Waldameer

Aug 17 Sun 2 cents

Aug 16 Sat 15 cents for Waldameer.