Honoring our Fallen Vietnam Service Men

Jeff Sherry

Wednesday May 25th, 2022

Lee Richard Schaaf was wounded on September 5, 1969 and passed away in Erie, PA on February 11, 1990 as a result of wounds he received in Vietnam. He is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Erie and his name is inscribed on the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington, D.C.

For more information on the family and their efforts to add Schaaf’s name to the Wall that Heals in 1994, visit this Erie News Now interview:

PLEASE NOTE: Earlier versions of this blog incorrectly stated Mr. Schaaf had died on September 5, 1969 as a result of wounds. The information, taken from the website Honor States. The Hagen History Center apologizes for the error. 

This Memorial Day, “The Wall That Heals,” a portable version of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. will visit Erie. In recognition of the visit of “The Wall That Heals,” the Hagen History Center will recognize the 59 servicemen from Erie County that are among the over 58,000 Americans who gave their lives in Southeast Asia.

Fallen in Vietnam Schaaf