Improvements to the Battles Property

David Pugh

Thursday Oct 1st, 2020

Nearly four years ago, the Erie County Historical Society (ECHS) began a process with the Lake Erie Region Conservancy (LERC) to preserve a large portion of the Battles Farm in perpetuity by creating an easement to prohibit development of over 80 acres of the woods at the south end of the property. That easement closed earlier this summer. In addition to the main grant through DCNR, both Erie Insurance and the Erie Community Foundation contributed to a fund established for improvements to the Girard properties.

Major improvements started on the morning of September 29th, the first step of an exciting project at the Battles properties.  Several tons of roofing supplies and related equipment were hoisted by a crane onto the roof of one of the most noted buildings in Girard, the Yellow House on Walnut Street, a totally new roof for both levels of this historic landmark!

Work will begin as quickly as practical with the changing weather conditions, and will provide many more decades of protection to this gem of the Battles estate.  The new roof will replace the existing almost 40-year-old roof with one using more recently developed materials and methods, following which, extensive work will be done to the cupola, updating and securing a very visible feature of this fine house.

Planning has been ongoing several years for this project, and we are very happy that we now have the opportunity to complete this very important update!

Future plans for the property include improved and expanded walking trails and replacement of the aging waysides (or outside storyboards) along the trails that explain historical and natural features of the Girard community.

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