New Exhibit Building Opening

Monday Apr 13th, 2020

It’s almost open!  The new exhibit building will be open in July 2020! 

Completion of the building has been a multi-year process.  After securing an exhibit of national significance for Erie in 2017, a building was planned in 2018 and built in 2019.  Now the first floor of the building and the major exhibit will be unveiled in 2020.  

The first floor of the new exhibit building will feature two galleries, including the exhibit of national significance and Erie and the American Dream.   Both will open in July. 

Guests at the Making History Gala on July 9 will be the first to see these exhibits.  Tickets will be priced at $125/person for this fundraiser.  (For additional information on the gala, contact or call 814-454-1813 x 34.)

After the gala, the exhibits will then be open to the public beginning July 18.  The Hagen History Center will host a grand opening weekend July 18-19. More details will follow.

The second floor of the new exhibit building will feature a comprehensive exhibit on the history of Erie County.  It will open in 2021.

Plan to make the Hagen History Center a destination point this summer to see the new building, the exhibit of national significance, and Erie and the American Dream.  Remember, the PRD Group designed the exhibits, so you’ll see hands-on, interactive, multi-media exhibits to capture the attention of young and old.  These exhibits will be intellectually engaging and entertaining experiences that combine storytelling and education.  You won’t want to miss them!