October 2020 Virtual Speaker Series

Thursday Oct 1st, 2020

Hagen History Center is excited to announce two virtual speakers for the month of October; Rebecca Weiser & Stephanie Wincik.  Tune in to Facebook Live at 7PM EST.

becky v2
October 7th –Rebecca Weiser, Hagen History Center Curator.

“How to Make Room for the Future-Deaccessioning at HHC”

The Hagen History Center/Erie County Historical Society currently has about 14,000 objects in the 3D collection that they are keeping.  These objects are in a computer data base, are bar coded and are being stored properly for the long term.  The Society wishes to deaccession, or remove from the collection, about 600 objects that have no real connection to Erie than perhaps being used here, and an auction will take place  October 15th at Ploss Auction in Corry starting at 3:00 pm. Many of these things are in need of repair or they are duplicates of finer examples that are being kept.  To maintain such a large number is very expensive and there is no possibility of everything being exhibited, ever.   The Board of Directors and staff at the Society have anticipated this move and the curatorial staff have been working on separating the relevant from the irrelevant for about 3 years.  The money raised at the auction will go for the care of the collection that remains.

stephanie Wincik
October 27th – Stephanie Wincik

"Ghost Stories and Legends of Erie County"

Join paranormal author Stephanie Wincik for a presentation of local legends and terrifying ghost stories, all set against the backdrop of the region’s rich history. For those with an interest in the supernatural side of Erie and Erie County, Wincik combines mysterious tales of the paranormal with accounts of true historical events from Erie County’s past. 

Stephanie Wincik is a resident of Erie, Pennsylvania and the author of seven books: Ghosts of Erie County, More Ghosts of Erie County, Heroes in Disguise, Reaching Through the Veil: Ghost Hunting in Erie County, Brilliant Souls, and a time-travel series for children, Northern Lights and The Journey: A Northern Lights Adventure. She has published historical articles in Pennsylvania Magazine and speaks frequently about local history, legends, and ghost stories in Erie County, often appearing as a guest on area television and radio programs.

Stephanie graduated from Penn State University in 1977 with a degree in Nursing, and has worked in the field of developmental disabilities for over thirty years. Certified in Developmental Disabilities by the Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association in 2000, Stephanie’s current position is Associate Director of Nursing/Health Services at Erie Homes for Children and Adults in Erie, Pennsylvania. She has recently published a new book about Down syndrome, Brilliant Souls.