Penn State Behrend Students Market ECHS

Friday Mar 29th, 2019

Behrend students in Dr. Mary Beth Barber Pinto’s Marketing Class are learning their Erie History!

Beginning in January 2019, students in Marketing 444 began learning about the ECHS, including programing, events, and historic buildings. The study of the ECHS is part of their research in writing marketing plans as part of a 4-or-5-member team.
Forty-eight students, in 10 groups, will do marketing plans for the ECHS, complete with interviews, focus groups, surveys of people aged 18-30, and research what other museums offer.

Their goal is to offer ECHS insights on the interests of this age group and how ECHS could attract them to become members, attend events, and get involved.

Early in the semester, the students toured the Watson-Curtze Mansion, the Wood-Morrison House, the Carriage House and Archives. Both Executive Director George Deutsch and Director of Advancement Geri Cicchetti have met with the students at Behrend to answer questions and share the vision for the Hagen History Center campus.

This course is structured as a competition to see which team of students can prepare the best marketing plan. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team.

ECHS board members and staff look forward to Behrend’s Finals Week when the students will verbally present their findings and submit their written reports.