Saturday from the Archives

Clara Petrat

Saturday Apr 25th, 2020

This diary is presented exactly as Clara Petrat wrote it.  April, May, June pages are missing from the diary. 

As you read it consider: What chores did Clara Petrat do?  Was her ‘talking’ problem … maybe a German accent?  What do you know about ‘Lorna Doone’?  How does our weather today compare to theirs?  Why did they take care of one family?


March 23. My brother came in the evening

and she came in the afternoon it was

on my sister birthday.  We have lost

of candy.  And she had to take the exam

ination.  I went to the dentist with May


4 July Ser came

Sometime in May maybe shell come

To visit me.  I will never forget that

day. That day I was suppose to be

to the dentist. By 3 o’clock and have

my teeth fill.  My mother was very

nervous to think I could not go.

She was suppose to be hear at 2:30 but

did not come til 3:15.  I dusted and

got very much heated by it.  Otto was

also in there.  He also shook hands with me.

We thought about studies, baseball and also

About my talking which he knew I felt

very bad about.  He told me he thinks I do

much better than I did.  He ask whether

there was something wrong with my

pilot.  My momma told him I have

gone to the doctor and he could not see any

thing worn.


July 3 My brother and sister-in-law came

pass Erie at 5:00 and went to Buffalo.  Emma

went along.  I got up hat day at 4:30.

I clean my room swept and wash the hall and

dusty.  I stay up that night till 12 o’clock but

they did not come till 2:30 sitting on the porch

outside it was very lovely that night the neighbor

were all up.  I saw 4 …………the

fire bells ring at 120 o’clock.  I never spent

such a nice evening getting along when


as I thought of it he cane….

it was he.  I …………..


July 4  my father act very funny toward my

mother which hurt terribly.  In the afternoon

we all slept except Otto who fire his cannon

till 3 o’clock.  I went out and the rest drank beer

Will & …came over for a while I One slept all

day almost.  In the evening we …….

2 qt of ice cream.  My sisters went to … and

came home at 8 o’clock.  Seer and I went

away at 9:30.  ………………rain a little

in the evening. 


July 5 Marnie and me had a fight which spoil

The day.  Anna and I went to club and as

we got there we had an thunderstorms.  Anna

was very afraid.  So we had to go home before 9 o’clock.

There was no meeting.  In the night the wind

blew harder and it god colder.


July 6 Sat. It was nice out side so

I made up my mind I would go to see

Mrs. Amstrong while May was in N.Y.

I came home and read the rest of the time.


July 7. I intend to go down by the lake and to

Edith but it rain.  But I thought I could go

At 6 o’clock down by the lake with my mother

but the rain prevent me.  But after supper

I took a little walk with Emma.


July 8 I went to Edith because it was so cool.

In the evening 4 girls and 1 lady 1 baby was

over.  Monday afternoon they began to fit our



July 9 I stay home because I felt so very lazy

But I took a little walk to see if that lazy sick

Girl was siting on her porch.


July 8  My sisters went to teacher-meeting and came

Home was very late.


July 10 It was very warm but I put …

dress on and had my sun passel and went

to Elsie but she was not home.  I then went

to Anna Boyer she was then home.  She took me

she receive a little from May A.  who was in N.Y.

and also a card from the family we have been

feeding the winter that she did not have anything

to eat.  She went to Mrs. Kurna but she was

not the home we then went down street and

not the home we then went union Street and

telephone to Edith and also to the park library

on the park.  We stay there ½ hr. and she

told us we should bring her a loaf of bread

and see would go thinent day and see her.

Anna took the bread out on her wheel and

I stay the home and read.  Mrs Somol came

over and she was drunk.


July 11 Emma and Mama had a fight in bed

it spoilt the day.  Ma was crying nearly all day.

Em went away in the afternoon and evening.

In the evening Ma felt all right.  I receive a letter from Mold


July 12 From morning I clean my room and 

In the afternoon read and slept awful.  In the

Evening it was cold and the club met

At Greece.   Brewer.  Where we were treated

with Root Beer.  And after while we

took a walk.


July 13. Sat.  I read Lorna Doone. In the

afternoon I slept and was thinking of

receiving a letter.  When the mail carrier

came he came in our box when I hear

it I felt it in my bones that it was

for me and are was surprise when

I open the box and found it was

for me from May.  I stay up until I

…..Lorna Doone.