Saturday from the Archives

Clara Petrat

Saturday Jun 27th, 2020

Boys coming to the party scene changes the life of Clara Petrat.  She gets her brown dress and $1.95 hat from peach street.  She tells of emotions feeling “blue”.  Clara tells of going down the street to various friends’ homes. She studies hard for her English exam. 

Oct. 11 Fri.  It was very warm.  In the afternoon      

we had a meeting in school.   May A. did not go.     

I went to the depot.  Mabel Mead was coming but        

I was to last.  I stood around and waited a         

long time afterward.  In the evening I went       

to club at Anna B. but I did not have no        

good time. I went home all alone. 

I did not sleep good that time.

Oct 12 Sat  I could not do anything  I had the

blues.  I never felt so in all my life.     

I took a walk but it was terrible winded.

Oct 13 Sun  I did not do anything  I had the        

blues all day again.  I went to Sunday School      

I was quiet cold in afternoon and rain.

Oct 14 Mon  I went to school it was quit cold, but pleasant.       

I study a little in afternoon but had the blues.     

In the evening I went out walking with mama.

Oct 15 Tues  It was my birthday.  I study in afternoon      

and in the evening with to May A. first May A        

called and we went up to talk to Mrs. Ryan      

about the party.  Then we went to May A. and       

made candy for it.  I took Anna home and       

got home at 10:15    They were all in bed.    

In the morning we got out of school at 11:10 on         a

ccount of institute and then we went down       

street.  I got 35 cent that day.  I had a very good dinner.

Oct 16 Wed  I got early out of school and went       

down street again.  In the afternoon it rain      

very hard and I study for examination in English          

May A intend to come over but she did not         

come until 5 o’clock and we went to Bessie B        

she was not there   we then went to Anna B for a                 

 little while.  In the evening I studied.

Oct 17 Thurs  I went down street & pa got home      

at 11 but got out of school at 10:25  I study very         

hard for examination in English and Minnie         

worked hard to get my brown dress done for       

the party.  In the afternoon I got dress and      

the girls called for me to go.  It was a terrible     

cold rainy night.   I such a foolish act          

the first thing.  Grace keep … around me       

and she did not want to do anything.   Boy           

at last  I played the game that they tied

something over my eye and I did not        

know where I was.  And I felt of one boy and        

afterward I felt ashamed of by myself.  No         

boy took me home accept Paul Ryan because        

I went about 5 minutes before the rest.   Elsee Ryan         

told me that they asked about me but they        

were all afraid to venture.  I had a very good time.  But they were not surprised we     

met at Anna B. and went over to Elsie R.         

as a whole.  I got home at 12:5

Oct. 18 Fri.  I went to school and felt very

good all day till in the evening.  I took a little

walk with Minnie in the afternoon.  Willie

Harry Downton we heard was dead.  In the

evening club met at May S.  The girls acted so

silly about the party.   I did not feel very good then.

Oct 19 Sat I felt very bad that day.  In the  

afternoon I went down street with Minnie     

to buy a hat.  I met May A. with Anna B.  

and then I felt again still worse.  We went      

down street 2 times.  The last time Emma    

went with us and she bought some candies.   

But at last I got my hat on peach street      

It cost 1.95 cents.  Brown.  In the evening I went      

again with Minnie away and I thought    

Anna B was there again and that made

me felt bad again. 

Oct 20 Sun.  I felt quiet good in the morning    

I wore my new hat and I was dress all    

in brown.  In the afternoon it was beautiful     

and I first watched Mr. Snowton funeral and      

then took a walk to May A. but she was not     

the home, and then I took a walk with Emma      

and Minnie.  In the afternoon I stop again     

and to May A but she was not there I     

 took a walk with mama. And then I felt again bad.

Oct 21. Mon It was a very nice day at     

 first I felt very cross but afterward I was all     

right.  In the afternoon May A. came over and      

we took a walk up to around the Respervoyer and      

then I went to her place and stay awhile.  

In the evening I intend to study but Edith       

and Elsie came and afterward I went out       

walking with Minnie and she bought       

some candy.  So I did not have any of my

lesson good the next day.

Oct 22 Tues It was nice day.  And I went    

down street with Minnie in the afternoon      

in the evening I tried to study.

Oct. 23 Wed  It was a very nice day.  In the

afternoon I went down to school with May A and

Etta Gingrich to listen to the debating Society    

of the boys.  There was not many visitors there    

but it was very interesting and hey teak us     

like somebody.  In the evening May A. intend     

to come over but see did not.  I tried to study.        

Oct 24 Thurs  I went to school.  In the afternoon    

I went to Elsie Ryan to talk about what she     

thought of the party of a week ago.  And I     

met May S. and Anna B. as I intend to go    

to May A.  But I walk back with them and      

stay awhile.  And we went back and forward    

Anna B. intend to see March Smith.

Oct 25 Fri.  In the afternoon I went with May A.     

to the parish house on 7 between Sass and    

peach and watch the gymnasium.  I enjoy     

very much in watching hem expecially      

May A.  I ought to have went to school but     

it was 5 before we got out of the parish       

house.  in the evening club met here those

who were present are May A. May S. and

Leona S.  Etta Ginrich and Anna H.  they did       

not go home until 10 o’clock.   Mr. Bense was over     

in the afternoon.

Oct 26 Sat  In the morning I watch myself    

and foul around and fit my black …. In the afternoon.  I took   

a walk to Edith M. and she was not the     

home.  In the evening I first went with mama and    

then down street with Minnie.

Oct. 27 Sun.  I stay home all day we did not    

have any Sunday School and in the afternoon and

evening I study.  In the afternoon I was     

expecting May A. but she did not come.

Oct 28 Mon  I did not fell good in Afternoon??    evening

In the afternoon we went to

school and at first I did not have a good      

time but afterwere I did.  And the girls had       

their wheels and they rode up till the depot and       

they were delay by a train and I made    

 them walk up with me. And after that we      

went to May A. and I had a very good time. 

Etta May and I.  Got home at 6 o’clock.  

And study in the evening.

Oct. 29 Tues.  In the afternoon I study for      

examinations but we did not have any      

In the evening I went to a party to Bertha     

Bears and there were not enough boys for  

girls.  We did not go down there until 8:45      

and the boys could not see what was the matter      

they went to the corner and waited.  Paul     

Ryan took me to the table and ask me if he       

could not take me home.  There was one boy      

I like very well and he was very nice to       

me but I think it was al made out who        

they were supposed to go home with and      

at the table.  The first thing I fell down the step      

and May A. catch me in less I would fell till       

the bottom.  We all got a pink carnation.  I had  a very good time.

Oct 30 Wed May A came over and we drew our      

maps in the afternoon and Etta came but     

she did not stay.  In the evening I study.

Oct 31 Thurs I walk till peach street with a     

girl home from school.  May A. came over and     

told me we were going out in the evening.     

I study for examination very hard in the evening.       

In the evening we did go out.  May and Leona S.     

Anna, May A, and Etta and I.  We ran races     

and hike  We went up Sass. til 26 and ..nyrth     

and then down til 13 Sass. and till      

myrtle and up till Anna b.  I found

my leaf on 20 and myrtle.  Mama         

was all alone in the evening.  I got home      

before the rest.