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Clara Petrat

Saturday Jul 4th, 2020

November and December 1900:  Clara Petrat’s life was so different than Winifred Watson’s.  Clara did chores that Winifred’s servants and chefs would do: “made my bed”, “washing and dusting”, “set the table”, “wash the dishes”.  What day did Clara go to the butcher shop with Mama?

Nov 1 Fri   I was very nice I went to May A. to     

club.   But Anna B was not there and I was     

 glad.  In the afternoon I did not do      much of anything.

Nov. 2 Sat  I did not do anything but sow my     

skirt, made my bed and did other thing      

In the afternoon I try to study but at 4 o’clock     

May A. came over to take a walk but      

when we got to her place she say it was     

so cold that she say we would go in    

the house and make candy.  Anna B

came over at at about 5:15 o’clock and we       

went home at 6 o’clock.  In the evening

I went to the butcher shop with my     


Nov. 3 Sun. in the morning I went to

Sunday – school.  and in the afternoon    

and evening I try to study.

Nov. 4 Mon  It was rainy and I study    

in afternoon and evening a little.

Nov. 5 Tues.  Mr. V.G. Grovener called     

on me to read and translate when

Mr Dieble was in the room.  I study in

Afternoon and evening a little.  

I was read a story in the evening.

Nov. 6 Wed  In the afternoon I went down

street with mamma and Emma to   

buy me a coat.  It did not take me       

long.  It cost 9.75.  A long one.  In the      

evening Kates N came over to see the    

girl and after she was here a man    

came and I thought it was May H.     

and hurry to the door and he walk   

in but her was an agent.  May A. came      

afterwar but she did not stay and we       

did not go to Bertha Bear.

Nov. 7 Thurs.  I study a little in afternoon     

and evening it was dreary and rain     

about 5:30 and in the evening.  I went    

to but butcher with mamma.

Nov. 8 Fri.  we had a very good time     

in Algebra period the first In the afternoon      

I slept a little and did not do anything           

else.  In the evening went to club to Anna     

Boyer, May S., May A., Clara, Anna.

Nov. 9 Sat. In the morning I did every      

thing and in the afternoon I try to study     

In the evening I went to butcher with


Nov. 10 Sun.  in the morning I went to          stamped J A KIMMEL & SON   SHOES HATS AND…GOODS

Sunday school.  And in the afternoon             

May A. was not feeling well.  In the evening     

I went with mamma to church it was      

in German

Nov. 11 Mon I went to school in the afternoon.

and evening I was studying a little   

It was rain and quite cold, warm.

Nov. 12 Tues  I went to school in the afternoon    

and evening I study a little.  It was raing, cold

and snowing.

Nov. 13 Wed.  I went to school study in aft           

and evening a little.  It was cold snow, winding,

wet.  I did not go to bed until 11:20.  Willie was up.

Nov. 14 Thurs  I went to school study a little in    

afternoon.  May A. was supposed to come   

over at 3:20 and if she was not there I should    

go over there.  I went at 4 o’clock and she      

intend to come over but she made me stay     

there.  We had candy.  I got home at 6 o’clock   

she walk out with me.  In the evening I study     

all evening for examination in Algebra     

and stay up until 11:30. 

Nov 15 Fri.  I wen to school and had    

candy in the morning.  In the afternoon      

I went with Minnie to Sara Lin

And it was cold, snowing like rain    

And I slept the rest.  Club met to my       

place.  May A. Anna, Etta, Clare was       

present.  Went to bet at 11:30 I stay up

and read story.

Nov. 16 Sat.  I got up at 8:30. Clean my     

washing & stand and dusted a little down     

stair and I got a bottle from Elsie the     

first one i got.  In the afternoon it rain and     

snow and was cold.  May A, and I went to the    

Library to see the exhibition of the picture.  We     

met Etta G. there and saw Mr. Diehl.  Got home     

about 4:30 o’clock.  Evening I went with mamma

to the butcher.

Nov. 17 Sun.  I went to Sunday school at was    

rainy a little in the afternoon.  About 4 o’clock      

Etta G and May A. came over and we went to    

Bessy B. she was not the home.  We then went     

to Anna B. for a while and then took a walk      

up Myrtle till 25 str. and over till peach and home    

We had very much fun.  I got home at 6 o’clock.  

After supper I went to church.

Nov 18 Mon. Went to school it was dreary and     

in the afternoon I went May A. came over first      

and said she could not stay and I went to      

her house and then I went up to Anna B.

awhile.   After supper I study.

Nov. 19 Tues.  We had examination in Hist.          

and I could not think about anything      

and I did not hand any paper in.    

in the afternoon I could not do anything     

on account of that. But I wrote a letter to Elsie R.        

In the evening I went to May A. just for a little

while.  I did not know when my Algebra is. 

Then we took a little walk.

Nov. 20 Wed.  it was dreary from school      

we went down street.  In the afternoon        

we had the girls literartury society it was     

very nice.  May A. bought bixsola     

In the evening I study.

Nov. 21 Thurs.  I went to school and in the     

afternoon I went to school to see Miss Gloth    

She was so different from what she is other     

times.  she told me I did not need to worry about

  1. I met May A. May S. and Anna P and

stand at the corner until 5:30 o’clock     

talking   In the evening I study.

Nov. 22 Fri.  in the morin we had class       

in English.  In the afternoon I wrote to Mabel        

Rieker.  In the evening I went to club at May A.               

and we made candy and had lost of fun    

because Anna B. was not there.       

We took the candy home what we made. 

Got home at 10:30.

Nov. 23 Sat.  I did every thing in the      

morning.  I wash myself. In the  afternoon      

I went with mamma to butcher and with        

Minnie all over.  It was rainy very hard.    

We got a letter Leo was coming but he did not       

come. that he was coming in the evening

I stay up til 11:30 but they did not come.

Nov 24 Sun.  It was raining very hard      

I did not go to Sunday school.  In the

afternoon Leo and wife came.  We had a very     

good time in the afternoon and evening.

Mon. Nov 25  I went to school  It was raining.  

Leo and wife went home in the morning.    

I study in the afternoon and evening a little.

Nov. 26 Tues.  I went to school.  It was very cold.   

I made candy in the afternoon Edith Marks      

came over for a little while.    In the evening

I study in the evening for German exa.

Nov. 27 Wed.  Otto spoke in school. 

I went to school.  in the afternoon     

about 4 o’clock I went to May a. and Etta was              

there.  We then went to Anna B. for a little while      

In the evening I try to read.

Nov. 28 Thurs   No school Thanksgiving.       

In the morning I went with May A. and 

Etta Gingrich to church.  I came to last      

that we had to ride down.  I had money

In my pocket.  I went to St. Paul on

6 Street.  it is a very nice church.  I put in

5 cents for church.   that day cost me 10 cents

I came home about 11 o’clock and slept

until dinner.  In the afternoon May A.     

came over.  I was making candy.  She stay     

until 5:30 o’clock and we were eating the     

candy.  In the evening Mamma and I

walk along.  I slept behind the stove until

papa came.  I stay up until 10:45.

Nov. 29 Fri  I got up and had it again. 

We did not have any school   All day      

I did not do anything.  In the evening I went

to club to Annie B.  it was very nasty outside. 

Etta G, May A. and Anna and myself were      

there.  We went home about 1:30.

Nov. 30 Sat.  I did not felt good. In the afternoon        

I study my history, and Anna brought     

some candy home.  In the evening I went to         

butcher and market with mamma.

 Dec 1 Sun.  In the morning I went to Sunday      

school and in the afternoon I went to May A.     

it was very pleasant but I had it again.    

And Anna came in the afternoon and     

called for me to go to the post-office but I had     

gone and she came over to May A and we

went with her.  There were very many   

people there we met Prof. Diehl there   We then              

went to May A. for about 10 minutes and        

then I got home a 6 o’clock   In the evening I try

to study.

Dec. 2 Mon.  I went to school and in the afternoon

I study.  In the evening the club of Minnie and

Emma met here about 13 girls.  We had to set         

the table and we had chocolate candy. cotty and        

2 kind of cakes.  They made very much noise.                 

And we had some other company Minnie did                     

but she did not stay.  We had to buy 6 silver fork      

and knife and 12 cup and saucer and plate.       

They played games afterward. They went         

home at 11 o’clock.  And we wash the dishes        

before we went to bed.  At was about 12              

o’clock before we got to bed.

Dec. 4 Wed.  I went to school and it was cold      

and dreary and by the depot I found 25 cents.     

And that day Mr. Frail said we were so     

lost that we had to stay for the last period.        

There was 4 girl and 2 boys.  He made us     

sit down and would not leave us go.   

We had very much fun setting there.  After         

the bell rang he stand there laughing at us.      

I got home at 4:30 o’clock. My mother did not       

know what was the matter.

In the afternoon the Literary society met       

which I belong to.  It was very nice and It last       

till 5 o’clock.  After this we went down street       

with other girls.  I pay my duse 10 cents.  And        

after we left May A. Etta G. and I stand there      

talking about May A. and she came out 2 time       

at last we went.  I got home at 6:10 o’clock.      

In the evening I study a little.  I had a very        

good time that day.

Dec 5 Thurs.  It was very nice but cold.     

I study in the afternoon and evening a quiet    

a long time.  I stay the home and nobody came.

Dec. 6 Fri.  I went to school it was quiet pleasant.     

In the afternoon I slept.  In the evening I went     

to the 1901 class play.  15 cents It was      

pretty good.  I got home at 10  I went with May

and Etta G. 

In school I lost my button and the boys saw it    

I felt so ashamed of myself but I did not see that

they saw anything.

Dec. 7 Sat.  I got up at 8 o’clock and went down street      

with Minnie to buy my silk waist.  It        

was dreary.  We got home at 11 and in the    

afternoon I made some candy and clean my     

black skirt.  In the evenin I went market     

with mama and that all I did.

Dec. 8 Sun.  I went to Sunday school and we     

had to bring 5 cents more.  In the afternoon      

it rain and I study a little and then Emma     

Ziegler came and then I could not study.

In the evening we had very much fun     

with the show business.  Albert Wat was       

here and all the rest except Leo.  I went to    

bed at 10:30.

Dec. 9. Mon  I was very angry and I did      

not wait for May A.  It rain in the      

afternoon and evening and I study in      

the afternoon about 2 hr.

Dec. 10 Tues.  it was quiet cold but plenty      

I went to school.    Study in afternoon and    


Dec 11  Wed.  It was cold I went to school     

Study in afternoon and evening.  We got         

our History paper back.  I stand 70.

Dec. 12 Thurs.  it was quiet warm and     

sunshine  It was very plenty.  Mrs. Burns       

spoke that morning.  And the afternoon      

it was so warm and plenty I did not know       

what to do so I went to May A. a 1 or 2 hrs      

and she and I took a walk.  In the                

evening Emma and I went down       

street and bought Christam Present.      

So I had to stay up that night until     

about 12 o’clock studying.

Dec. 13 Friday I went to school in the mor.         

it was very warm about 60.  In the afternoon     

I read and Mrs. Kellar was over.  In the        

evening I went to the E. H. S. frace of 1900 Class      

it was very good.  Cost 15 cents.

Dec 14 Sat In the morning I did not get up      

until about 8 o’clock.  I took my bathe  It       

was rain all day.  In the afternoon and evening    

I study a little.

Dec. 15 Sun  In the morning I went to Sunday      

School.  It was snowing all day and stormy    

I study in the afternoon and evening.  Nobody       

came in the afternoon but Albert came in     

the evening.  Mama and papa did not speak again      

For no reason.

Dec. 16 Mon  It was very cold.  I stay home      

in the afternoon and evening and study.  

I went to school

Dec. 17 Tues  It was very cold. In the afternoon       

I study a little and after 4 o’clock I went      

down street with Emma and Minnie.  They     

bought very much.  We went in 7 stores.       

In the afternoon I study a little.  Willie came


Dec. 18 wed.  In the morning I went to school     

and in the afternoon the Literary Society     

held our meeting.  Boys were there.

They show one picture.  Mr. Burns spoke       

It was a very nice meeting.  Got home about 5:30       

In the evening I stay the home and study.

Dec. 20 Friday.  In the morning to school.      

In the afternoon I wrote to Elsie an at          

 4 o’clock went down street with Emma.          

In the evening I went with mama to      

Walter and to club at May A.  May A. walk     

out here with me.  I felt very good that night.

Dec. 21 Saturday.  In the morning I did       

everything.  In the afternoon I went with        

Minnie down street to buy my presents.  It               

was the coolest day we had.  I bought a     

pocket-book and after I came home it was     

such a funny one that I cryed and made       

my mind up not to give it to her        

I was very crow.  In the evening I went with

mamma to corow to buy candies.  After that      

I did not do anything.

Dec. 22 Sun  In the morning it was      

not cold at all.  I went to Sunday school      

It began at 9 o’clock.  In the afternoon I

did nothing but sit around and     

waiting for May A. but she did     

not come

Dec. 23 Mon  In the morning I hang the wash       

up and went down street to exchange my        

pocket-book.   They exchange it.  I bought

Handkerchief in place.  We went in other stores and     

bought.  In the afternoon we made candy and        

at 5 o’clock I took my leter f Elsie away and     

went for a minute to May A.

Dec. 24 Tues  It was very sluccy outside and     

not cold.  In the morning I swept the hall and

in the afternoon they trimmed the tree.  In        

the afternoon I went with May A. to gynasium     

and coming home up state we met Siona S.         

going down and we went down with her.       

As I was standing talking with May A.  Etta

Gingrich came and papa went pass and I

did not go with him.  He thought I did not       

want to walk on the street with him.        

At first in the evening I was cross but        

after a while I felt all right.  Papa brought      

brassel along and we stay up until almost         

11 o’clock waking for Leo to come.

Dec. 25 Wed.  It was Christmas day.      

It did not look much like Christmas      

because it was sluccy and was not


I was please with my presents.  We did not     

have a very good time in morning.  But I             

worn my red silk waist that I got.  Leo did        

not come until afternoon.  The train was         

an hour late so they came at 4 o’clock                           

Then it was very lively.  They began giving       

our present wright away.  We ate at 5:15        

and until 6:10 o’clock then Albert H. and Emma

  1. came and we went to Sunday school.

It was so a hussel, bussel that a person        

would not know where to go.  It last in      

S.S. until 9:30 Got home at 10 o’clock and       

the men were playing cars.   We stay up                   

until about 12 o’clock    The day flew by after           

4 o’clock.

Dec. 26 Thurs. In the morning I did not anything        

In the afternoon I took my sung away with Minnie       

and went to May A.  May A. and I went to Anna B.      

at May A. because she went to May S. before       

she went to my house because I asked first. 

They came to my house at 6 o’clock.

We went in the front door.   After supper May A.         

and I went to Etta Gingrich.      

I came home at 9:30.

Dec. 27 Friday   It was sluccy.  In the afternoon     

I went to Edith Marks.  She gave me

her picture.  She walk home a little ways       

with me.  It was such a dreary day.     

I went pass the depot and the Corry train was        

not there yet so I went until 17 and then down      

Sass. Then I saw the train there I went to the       

depot and May A. was not there yet so I went        

up the depot and met her.  I kiss her to -bye       

and stop there until the train went which        

was very long.  I went home with Edith     

Lillie Scully was over but I was not the home.             

After supper Lillie M. came and I sat         

with them and talk.  Willie was up after                  

Lillie was gone you might said we celebrated     

our Christmas again.

Dec. 28 Sat.  It was dreary I did not do      

 anything in the morning but in the afternoon       

I was very angry because Minnie said she       

was going after my ring and then Emma and       

Minnie said something then she did not want          

to go Emma got my ring in the afternoon but    

did not tell me.  In the afternoon I read Merchant    

of Venice and study in the evening   K.

Dec. 29 Sun  It was very sluccy and it was       

snowing I went to Sunday School.  in the afternoon      

I read and in the evening we play author and    

old maid.  I went to paas about 10:30.

Dec. 30 Mon I got up at 9 o’clock  And they were           

washing.  I had some fun washing Minnie                

and Emma and Otto.  In the afternoon I read.     

I made a little candy.  At about 4:30 Sady

and Molley N. came.  And stay until 5:30.

In the evening I read.  I mother and papa      

were alone.  I stay up until 11 o’clock reading        

I play domino with papa.

Dec. 31 Tues I got up at 8 o’clock.  I took my

bathe and wrote.  It is very windy outside.

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The diary ends June 30, 1902.