Saturday from the Archives

Saturday May 2nd, 2020

In her 1900 diary, Clara Petrat reveals many common incidents involving candy and ice cream, sending letters, cleaning & sweeping, sewing her handkerchief, going to club, violent storms striking and burning buildings, and going to Waldameer and ‘four miles creek’, and a fight between her Papa and Mama.

Since she was a German immigrant, she is going to school to learn English composition.

…july 14……… Sun.  I got up at 8 o’clock dress

went to Sunday School come

home and read Vicar Wakefield in

the afternoon I wrote and read.

In the evening we had 20c worth


July 15.  I got up and felt very hot

And could not eat anything.  I then

Went and slept all morning.  Afternoon

Wrote a letter to May.  And read in

the evening.  Vivian Wakefield had ice cream

in evening

July 16  had a headache and slept

In the afternoon I help  Mrs. Nicosero

July 17 I read all morning and finished

Vicar Wakefield I was very nayary all day

 In the afternoon I brought my letter to May away

It was the grocery picnic  Minnie, Emma went

in afternoon and stay still 10.  Willie went to Vic…y

in afternoon.  Willie and Otto went to grocery picnic

in the evening at 4 miles creek.  I had to stay at home

July 18 I did not do anything it was so hot.

Albert was here in evening.  At about 9:20 the

Wind turn and it was cold.  It blow very

hard.  I brought my letter to Mabels away

July 19  it was cold.

I wash myself and clean my room.  In the

Afternoon I dressed myself twice.  The client

Was suppose to met to my place. May I anna

intend to go to Waldameer but Emma G, could not

  1. It was a beautiful evening. There was two

tramp who were crowd our street loking and

standing every where.  We had to close all our

window.  We had lemon-nade at 10 o’clock.

I could not sleep at first on account of tramps.

July 20 It was very warm.

I close the hall and laid around the rest of day

until 5:30  Got up and swept the side walk.

I got up at 8:15. In the evening went to butcher

with momma.

July 21 Mr. Reiker came on a surprise in the

morning when I was to Sunday school

but he did not stay long.  In the afternoon Emma

I & Emma j with to Waldameer.  I had a little fight with

Ma.  Mama with Albert to Buffalo.  They came

Home at 1:00 the next morning.  They were all

grim in the afternoon except ma and myself.

In the evening we had 50 cents worth of ice-

Cream and well water.

At about 11 o’clock it began to thunder and

lightning.  It was terrible hot during the day.

It look like warm during the day once in a

while and the warm.  It was 86 on the porch.

…had to get up and close our windows

… from 11 to 7 in the morning.

and lightning all night very hard,  

….very little.  At about 4 o’ clock in the morning

..again so hard.  I do not think there was a

Person that did not get up.  Emma want to go

down stair but I lay in bed and did not

mind it very much.  Minnie got up and

light the lamp. Ma came up and wan Otto

to go down stair but he did not.

It strick in 6 or 7 places.  It burnd house till

there was nothing left except the wall.  At 7 o’clock

it gave me hard knock and skill a horse. That

was the last.  At 7 o’clock when you look away

and see the big black cloud.

Many people was so afraid they did not know

what to do.  We have had never such a

thunder and lightning.  It lightning continusly.

You did not hear a person outside.

It lasted for about ½ hr. stricking in places one

after another.  But I was not afraid only a little

but not must to amount to anything.

Walli said he got afraid a little.

July 22 Mon.

I coming … clean the yard.

In the afternoon I began my handkerchief …

….  …. outside.  Emma reading her

cotton fitting outside.  Momma outside

sewing.  In air was fresh but warm.

July 28  She did not do her little washing and

she act so funny and mad.  She said she did

not felt good.  Emma want her to go to Waldameer

because it was so nice.  She would not go and

Emma got mad and took me along.  We went

at 2 and came home at 6.  There was a concert there.

We sat on the same place all afternoon.  I saw quit

a few I knew.

In the evening Anna B. came and calling

for me to go to the poor family on 18 st.

We stay there awhile and I took Anna home.

Emma and Minnie was angry.

Emma bought some candy and got good

with every one.  Minnie went to …mm.

I got home about 7 o’clock.

July 24. Wed.  I did not do anything in the morning.

Emma was serving and Minnie that they were

…Emma went down street.  At dinner Emma

and I got some well water.  In the afternoon

……..went sewing.    Emma    up

stair.  I was sewing my handkerchief.

In the evening they went to teacher meeting.

William came … Mon and …felt mad.

July 25. Thurs. I got up and felt terribly sick.  I had

sick stomach all day long.  I was most ill

day long down and it was so cold outside.

The Barber picnic came pass here.  In the afternoon

and evening I sew a lot on my handkerchief.

Anna B. came for about 2 minute.

Albert K. was over.  Mom and I took a little

walk to see the car on Myrtle Str.  Where

was a street piano playing a long time.

around our place.  It then began to rain.

July 26 Friday In the morning early it began

to thunder and lightning all the   

were open…I thought a little….

July 27  Friday I stand up very early to see

Grace when she came pass.  In the afternoon

it was cold.  I went to May S.  Bessie and Elsie

and told them where the club was.  The Club met

to my place  The one who were present were

Anna, Elsie  We took a walk and went

to Elsie.  I had four apples that day to Elsie,

Sat. July 27  I clean my room and slept in morning.

The paper mill burn we could see it from our

house.  Emma  and Otto went

Emma Minnie and mama was very crow

to each other.  In the evening they were all right

Mr. Hartleb died that day.

There was a fire on 16th Myrtle.  But you couldn’t

See anything, about 6:30.  We all ran to it eccept

Mama.  Papa went along and came back about

11:30 and had a fight with mama.

I hear them and went down stair but they

not see me.  They began to scold so that I came

up and woke Emma and Minnie.  We were

all very afraid.  Minnie and Emma want

go down but I would not let them because

I knew it would be worst.  I went up and

down the stairs.  Minnie went and light

the lamp.  At 12 o’clock when the clock struck

they stop.  But I stay up until 2:30

in the morning setting in the stair

And then lay in bed listening until about

3 o’clock.  I got up Sunday at 7 o’clock.