Saturday from the Archives

Saturday May 9th, 2020

Some highlights of Clara Petrat’s diary for July 28 -August 15 include:

Transportation: At 18th and State Street, the ‘car’ ran off the street and they tried to get it back by ‘back and forth’.  They walked everywhere from 313 West 17th Street to 26 & Chestnut, 21st Street, 17 & Myrtle, 6th & Raspberry. Clara’s first train ride was to Buffalo to see the falls.

Social: Papa and Mama ‘mad at each other’, Mother’s ‘old ladys’ friends, ball game, club at Clara’s friends’ home, papa’s lodge, drunk girl.

Storms: Fierce wind and thunderstorms scared Clara because lightening would strike many places and start fires.

Sunday 28  Papa and Otto papered the sitting

bed-room.  Minnie did not go to Sunday School,

Ma and papa were very mad at each other.

I was afraid something might happen all

day long.  Minnie and Emma went to Emmy

Papa went away.  Willie ball game

Otto to lake.

Ma told me all … they were scolding about

In the evening Minnie and Emma had …

Papa come home about 8 o’clock and sat on the

porch upstair until bed time.  I ……

and talk to him so he would not be so mad

here.  The wind began to blow so hard I thought

we would have a terrible storm but the

thunderstorm pass away but it rain a little.

Mon July 29  I got up at 6 o’clock and lay down

all day until about 4 o’clock. I … … and

had sick stomach – all day I did not know

what to do.  We had a very hard rain wind

and thunder and lightning.  It struck in two

place.  The fire engine all came pass here.

May S. came at 4 o’clock and stay until 5:15.

When she was here it raining hard and

wind blow thunder and lightning.  Papa set

up on porch.  That drunk girl was here.

Tues, July 10 Fletcher cat want to get in the cellar

and catch so all night and wouldn’t go away

until papa got up at 5:30 and went after it

scold with mama again Minnie was

crying and papa was all most

I could not do anything all day and mama

felt very bad about it  They did not talk to

each other that night but the next morning

the cat was in our cellar and papa went

after it and told her than about the cat

Wed July 31  We all got ready to go to the

……    …….    Sunday School

We went at about 12:45

I was with my mother all the time but she had

old ladys sitting beside her.  I was very mad.  Annie

did not want me to go away with any girl. But

………………  I knew…………………………….

……in the evening. About 6 o’clock we went

To the beach and was surprise to see how the

sky look.  It was black and red. 

Sun …away the day….about 6:20 the people

down by the lake could see more like smoke a

little way from Waldameer.  There was a

whirlwind 4 miles from Waldameer.  They g..

had a little ….in Waldameer.  At about 2 o’clock

they had it in he south and it got very

cold there.  We got home a little before ten.

On 18 and State the car ran off the street.

and they try to get it on by going vack and forth

by no almost nomec that we had to get off

and walk.  I saw Carlyle Edland all alone and he spoke very nice.

Thurs. 1 Aug.  bed most all morning  and make my handkerchief

receive a letter from Mary A. In the evening

they fit he sink.  And ma and papa was

all right.  Willie came up. Emma and I

took a little walk it was very cool.  W. Em M and

I were sitting in the dinning room talking and

had some root-beer Mrs. Somol was

standing outside listening.  And we went out

to see who it was.  She move Otto bicycle

a little that make noise.  Alberta

Friday 2 Aug  It was pretty warm.  I clean

my room and the hall downstair and up and

then dress myself and Anna Leach come over

and stay till 3 o’clock.  I gave her one of my

picture.  The cars did not run in the afternoon

and evening they went on the strike.

Willie was up at 3 o’clock.  I went upstair dress

Myself and went down street with Emma  Doll

Mischler was over but I was not home to try on

her dress.  Went home about 4:30 I fry a piece of

and swept the porch and work on my

handkerchief.  Ancherline ask me if I would not

give her my picture. Grace came and ask

me where club met.  I went to club to Elsie and

eat 4 apples and … to May S.  I got home at 9:45.

Elsie came along.  Minnie and I start a long

time talking with Amelia Bark.

Ma and papa were all right.

Sat 3 Aug.  I took my bath in the morning and

slept.  It was quite cool.  In the and work 

on my handkerchief.  In the evening I

went to the butcher with ma.  We saw papa and

when ma look at him he did not look at her.

because he did not see her.  And when papa

looked at ma, Mama did not look at him.

That made papa mad.

Sun. 4 Aug.  It was quite cool and I went

to Sunday School with my white dress.

I was cool.  I did not feel good at all.

Ma and papa were cross with each other again.

In the afternoon papa went to lodge.

Willie and Otto to ball game.  Willie M. came

Over and stay till 4 o’clock.  They then went to

Emma G. Emma P. had her white dress on and

The lady on the other side was also looking at her

In the evening she went with Emma G. and also

to church on the east side.  And came home at 10:15 with

Jack Weber.  Willie in the evening was sleeping

In the front room and papa setting. Ma and i

were outside.  Papa went to bed before any of

the rest. 

Mon. Aug 5  I slept almost all day and in the

evening work on my handkerchief.  Papa went

to lodge.  Emma and Minnie took a walk.

And then came home and had some Watermellon.

I did not feel good.  I had it again.  It was cool.

Tues. Aug 6.  Ma and papa were mad yet.

In the morning I went to market with mama.

And in the afternoon I wrote this.  it was cool

and it is raining now and it rain all evening

and afternoon. I read Silas Marner I count my

stamps and receive a letter from Maybell Decker

Wed. Aug. 7  It was a very nice cool day.

I did not receive and went any place.

Willie came up in the evening and we

talk about going to Buffalo.

Thurs. Aug. 8 I got up so early because

I heard it thunder far away and I

and I knew we would have a very hard one.

It was certainly a very hard one.  It struck

In three and 4 different places.  It lasted

From 8 until about 11.

It would strike some places and rain

and then stop and have the hot sun

come out for a while.  It keep it up

for 3 hrs.  Willie was up in the morning

and it gave one hard koot and Willie

ran out and went but he was caught in

the rain.  The day before was very cool but

that evening the wind blow very hard from

the south.  The paper said it was the

worse electric storm we had for years.

In the afternoon and evening it was very

nice.  Albert came.  The first time I

heard the new street -piano play in front

of our place.  We gave him some money.

Ma and E went down and got a tulip soap- picture

Friday Aug. 9 I got up and clean my

room, hall and my windows.  I eat my

dinner got dress and went with mama

to Mrs. Karman on 3 and Cherry. we then took

a walk down by the lake.  I go home at 4:30

and rest myself.  Minnie and Emma made

supper.  In he evening May A and her

cousin came and call for me.  It was

the first time I saw her for 5 or 6 weeks.

She kiss me.  We then went to club to May

Suttel. We sat there awhile.  We took a

Walk until 26 and Chestnut.  We stand

there and talk a long while.  We put many

pins on the tracks.  It was quiet cool that

night until we got on 21 street there

was such a hot wind that none of us

knew where it came from.  I got a little

afraid.  The wind then began to blew and

blew all night very hard from the south.

I met my sister on 17 and Myrtle they came

From teacher meeting.  I stood there awhile

With them.  We got home at 10 o’clock.

Sat. Aug. 10.  I got  up and it was raining

last out side on porch and made my velvet

belt with mama borctel.  In the afternoon

we all sat outside and I was then

thinking of going to Buffalo.  In the evening

we were talking about it and Otto got the

ticket.  I went up street about 10 and fit

my things and got to bed about 10:45

Emma and papa stay downstair a long while.

Emma came up about 11:30 and wake me

And papa stay up till Willie came.

Willie sleep up here that night he came

in my room also.  It must have been about

12 o’clock before I went to sleep.

Aug. 11 Sun.  Minnie came and woke me

about 4:15 and I got up.  Willie and papa

in a little while also got up.  Otto did not

get wake until about  4:20 when I woke

him.  We left the house about 5:30 and

had to want until 6 o’clock.  He came

home about 1:15.  It was the first time

I ever was on the train.  We went to falls

Pam and Buffalo.

Aug. 12 Mon  I got up about 7:00 and

did not anything all day.  Minnie

and Emma had a girl from Warren

We went to bed about 9:45.

Aug. 13 Tues. I did not do anything except

slept all morning. The street piano was

around our place.  In the afternoon

Minnie and I went on 6 and Raspberry

to Mrs. Hart.  She was not the home.

Emma and Emma J went at 6 o’clock

in the morning to Buffalo and BanAmerica

and to see the falls.  They are coming

home Wed. night. In the evening we

went to he park ad sat there awhile

It was very cool.  Emma brought me a picture from … Park.

Aug 14.  Wed.  I did not do anything but

slept.  Willie came up in the evening

and we all talk about Buffalo .  Emma

came home at 8 o’clock from Buffalo

and Minnie went to Sunday-school

Aug 15 Thrus.  Wed. and Thurs. (night to)  we had

a very hard thunder-storm and very

heavy rain.  We light the lamp