Saturday from the Archives

Saturday May 16th, 2020

Clara Petrat’s diary is shown here exactly as she wrote it in her 1900 brown bag diary.

What did Clara do to prepare for her Buffalo train trip?  What new scenery did she see?  How much did she pay the dentist? What was it like at the “stamp-pile”?  Who went along to the “Cathedral and 11 and sass”?

Aug 15 Thrus.  Thrus morning it was

Rain but in afternoon and evening it

was plenty.  I did not do anything but

sleep and walk around.

In the evening Albert had to work.

Aug. 11 Sun­   Willie, otto, papa and I went to Buffalo

for 1 dollar on the Nickel Plate railroad

on 19 I got up at 4:15 and the train

left at 6 and we started at 5:30

I wore my black gert, white wasst and

Collar and my new pearl elast belt.

I wore my brown jacket and suller hat

It was the first time I was on a train.

I had to ride back word  Willie jump on

the car and  save us a set unless we would

not got any.  We went over I do not know

how many small bridges but about 3 or

4 very large ones.  It was certainly a very

pleasant ride.  When we got near Buffalo

we had to pass under very many bridges. 

We went up Michigan street to the Majors

Cass.  We got to Buffalo at 9 and it was about

11 o’clock when we got to the falls.  The car

was so full and hot I thought certainly

I would get sick.

We went over a very high bridge with

the car.  We went where the falls were in

the woods and eat our lunch.  We then

walk around a little and then I got a glass of

lemonade  we went up-town and throught

park to the car.

It was a little after 12 o’clock when we

went to the Pan-American

                           continued page 32

There is a boy who whistle at me what he

I am out or not.  But I do not knew who he is.  Aug 5

                                    Mr. D.

I went one day in the winter 1902 to Mr. D.

office when I had a big cheeck.  In which he

laugh at me on account of my face. 

I lost my knife I went in the office and

ask him whether there was a knife found.

He was very pleasantly and told there were 3 found

He show them to me in which I thank him

for it.

Also with me and ask if could not bring a

sourso  Rock and in which he told me to come

Thurs.  I went there thurs and he seem to been

very mad and send me to Mrs. Manson.  I went

out very mad he then seem to be good to me

then.  Later went in one day and ask about

elocution because I fail  in it.  it was terrible  

hot that day  and he did not seem so very

pleasing them.  And it was also the last days

of school when I ask him the list 2 times so far

he was very busy.                                      The dentist cost me $15.50 c

Friday, Aug 16  It was cool

I got up and clean my room and took

my bath.  I dress my self and was very   

anxious waiting for May A. because     

she took me she would come over this week.    

In the evening I put my whole dress on  and          

went to May to club.  Kella came after me. 

There were 8 girls there     And they sing and

play.  Walter A was in there telling stories. 

We all stand on 17 Myrtle and the Cutle on

the other side saw us.  I got home at 10:10 and                  

I walk with May A. all the way.

Emma and Minnie went to picnics.

Sat. Aug 17  It rain and it was very dreary   

I fool around and slept.   In the evening                     

went to the butcher with mama.

Sun. Aug 18.  I got up and went to Sunday School                       

Mrs. Sandy was not there but Mr. Bense put                    

us into another class.  In the afternoon I was

written and it also rain.

Mon. Aug 19  It was quiet warm and it rain and thund                    

I did not go anywhere and receive anybody.

Tues. Aug 20 it was quiet warm & it rain and

Thunder.  I work my handkerchief and sleep.

I intend to go to May a. but it look like rain           

toward evening and rain in after noon.

Wed. Aug 21  it was very warm but id did not

Rain.  In the afternoon I went to May A and she

was not there.  I then went to May S.  we talk and s

he play for me.  May A and Margaret came

over for me to go to Anna B.  May A and Margaret

would not stay because they had company

Anna B and I took a walk till 19 & Sassafras

Mary A went home and…………………

Sassafras till 21 & Sass, and over till

Peach and then to May S. and stay

there awhile we then went to Anna B and

they took me till 20 & Myrtle.  I got home about

9:30.  May A. want us to go to the Life Saving

Station. But we did not go.

Thurs. Aug. 22 I did no go to Life Saving Station.

It was very warm and rain very hard

And thunder.  It rain and we could not

go to the hospitable.  About 4:30 I went to Anna B.

After Supper I stay the home.

Fri. Aug. 23.  We intend to go to he Stamp-pile.   

but it rain all day until evening.  I wrote a

letter to Maybelle Recker. And made my handkerchief

In the evening May A. Margaret A. and Mable

Mead came and called to go to club to Anna B.

It was the first time I saw Maybell Mead

since 4 or 5 months.  Some of the girls dance

and sing and play.  I got home at 10 o’clock.

In the afternoon May a. came and told me that   

we were going to Stamp-pile.  We went at

about 3 and came home about 7.

May A., May s. and I went out rowing and came    

back about 4:30. We then went up the stamp-pile    

before I got up there I would die.

It was very warm and dirty in there.

May S. had a large bag of chocolate candy.

Coming down it was not half as hard.

You could see all over.  It is 28 ft. high

And as 319 steeps.

We came down from the stamp-pile and      

Mable, Anna, Sema and May A. went out rowing

When we came back we went in the Cathedral

on 11 & Sass.  Mable and I went ahead and beat            

them home.  The girls who were along are Clare

Fresch, May Armstrong, Margaret Armstrong,

Anna Boyer, May and Leona Suttle, Mable Mead,

Clara Petrat.  We had very joyful day.

I sent a letter to Mable Renker.