Saturday from the Archives

Clara Petrat

Saturday May 23rd, 2020

Clara Petrat’s diary is shown here exactly as she wrote it in her 1900 brown bag diary.


Sun. Aug. 25   I got up a 8 o’clock.  Went to Sunday           

school and Emma and Minnie to Cambridge

In the afternoon I wrote.  At 5:30 I went to       

the depot with Mabel Mead.  She was in the car               

when I came.  I slot hand with her.  The following       

who are along are Clara F. Anna P., Marjorie A., and May A.                  

and myself.  We stay to May A. awhile and Kessie B. came.

Armand L went home about 6 and they walk out         

with us.  After supper I stay home.

Mon. Aug. 26 I was a very pleasant day

I did not go anywhere and nobody came.  I read

a little slept and made my handkerchief.  In the 

evening Minnie and Emma went to our 

church town-social.

Tues. Aug 27  it was rather pleasant.  But the sun        

was pretty hot.  In the afternoon mama and I                    

first went to the stamp-pile we sat in the park a     

while we then took a walk to the park on State

Street where the sun was not shining very much.

We sat a very long time and then went up head       

and met Willie in the barn.  We got home at 

4:30 and I eat and then went to May A.

to tell her I could not go to Buffalo.  But

they were not going until Sat.

I came home about 5:30.

I stay home in evening.

Wed. Aug. 28.  It was very hot 82 I did not go

anywhere or anybody came.

In the evening Willie came.

Thurs. Aug. 29  it was very warm 80.  I did not                

go anywhere and nobody came.  In the evening it was

pleasant   and May A. called for me to go to

club to Grace Brewer and Margaret Rafter Annie 

it was a very interesting club meeting.  We               

talk about May S. and Anna B. trying the examination

for E.H.S.  May S. passed.  I got home at 10 o’clock

May A. and Margaret A. went along.

Sat. Aug. 31  It rain thunder and lightning


during the day.  I not do much of anything

At 6 o’clock I went to the depot with Margaret

Armstrong  I did not have my supper yet.

The train did not come in until 7:45 and                  

it was suppose to come in at 6:18.  At first    

they said it was coming at 7 and at that                 

time a train did come in and she kiss us         

all but that was not the train.  And at                 

last it came and she kiss us all again.

When she got in the train her Uncle Harry       

went along and kissed her in the car.

The girls who were along were May A. and             

her three sister Anna Boyer and her uncle

Harry and myself.

When I came home it was about 8 o’clock     

and I did not have my supper.  A home          

they did not send anything to me.  I eat 2 piece        

of som bread.

Sun. Sept 1. I went to Sunday school and it

rain thunder.  At about 3:30 I went to May

  1. And stay until 5:15.  She want to give 

me some watermelon buti did not want it.

she walk home with me until 17 & Myrtle.

In the evening Emma, papa and myself    

went to Waldameer.  And we heard the        

Ohio band we also went to the lake.  We                 

had some peanut-candy.  We went home         

about 9:15 and got home about 10:15.  On  

7 & State I stand and talk with Ella Johnson.

She went in the same car I did.

On the way coming home we could see   

the fireworks the Italian had a 16 and

Cherry.  Willie, Otto, Minnie and Albert                  

went to the celebration and mama was along.  

I was very sorry for her.  I was not feeling    

Good so I did not enjoy my ride.

On 18 and state street we had to run for the

car.  Our papa was mad because we did   

not run fast enough.

The fire works were lovely!