Saturday From the Archives

Clara Petrat

Saturday May 30th, 2020

This diary was written by Clara Petrat, a student at Erie High School class of 1904.  She writes entries about Waldameer, Fireworks, watermelon and peanut candy treats.  What does it tell about the businesses seen as she goes rowing and travels to Buffalo?  What do they think of the ‘electric tower’ and lights in the park?  What do they do for Halloween and Thanksgiving?  What does she say about President McKinley’s assassination? 

Sun. Sept 1. I went to Sunday school and it

rain thunder.  At about 3:30 I went to May

  1. And stay until 5:15.  She want to give

me some watermelon buti did not want it.

she walk home with me until 17 & Myrtle.

In the evening Emma, papa and myself   

went to Waldameer.  And we heard the       

Ohio band we also went to the lake.  We                

had some peanut-candy.  We went home        

about 9:15 and got home about 10:15.  On 

7 & State I stand and talk with Ella Johnson.

She went in the same car I did.

On the way coming home we could see  

the fireworks the Italian had a 16 and

Cherry.  Willie, Otto, Minnie and Albert                 

went to the celebration and mama was along. 

I was very sorry for her.  I was not feeling   

Good so I did not enjoy my ride.

On 18 and state street we had to run for the

car.  Our papa was mad because we did  

not run fast enough.

The fire works were lovely!

Mon. Sept 2.  It rain in the morning.

That all I d was to write and sleep

Mama is not feeling well.  She did not  

eat no dinner and she is now in bed.

She did not stay very long in the evening.

May A. and Anna B. came over.

Tues. Sept 3   It was the first day of school.

They had quit a rall in the auditorium.  In the      

afternoon I study and went to May a.  she was    

not the home.  In the evening I study.

Wed. Sept. 4  I went to school and Mr Vonder    

Groben called on me.  In the afternoon I went              

out rowing a distance of about 3 miles    

from the yacht house to the iron docks and              

back.  We had a very nice.  We went down            

and rode home in the car.  I did not want to    

but Mrs. A. made me.  She pay my fair.  We

were on the water about 1 ½ hours.  When I got home    

it was 5:30 and May A. after a while came

over to ask me about my English.

In the evening I study.  I talk with Mr. Diehl  he

was very nice

Thurs. Sept 5  Mr. Vonder    called on me   

I study in the afternoon and went to Elsie to ask her

about my German.  In the evening I also

study a little.

Fri. Sept 6  I went to school and Miss Gillespie

called  on me and I told Miss Stanton about

my stammering.  She was very nice.  I brought

a not to be excuse at 12:45.  She said all right.

In the afternoon I study a little.  In the afternoon

I study a little. And in the night the club

meet to my house.  We had a very good time

but afterward I had the blues.  I went to the

paper before I went to bed.  Mr. McKinley was

shot that day.  And it was certainly a very great

excitement.  Emma T., May S. May A. Edith M. Anna

  1. Elsie R. were present.  They went home about


Sat. Sept 7 I had a blues all day and was

certainly very mad  about May A. and Anne B.

I took my bathe in the morning.

Sun   Sept  8. I went to Sunday School and in the

Afternoon May A. came.  I was upstair, and

at first I would not come down because I

thought bhey were fooling me.  I then took a

walk to her house and stay there awhile.

In the evening I went out walking with mama.

Mon. Sept 9.  In the morning it rain and May and

Etta walk down in the afternoon  I study in the afternoon

and took a walk in the evening with Minnie

Tues. Sept 10  It was cool in the morning and I rain

May and Etta walk down.  I studied about two

hours and May A. intended to come ove but

I slept from about 4:30 to 6 and in the afternoon

I took a walk with Minnie.

Wed. Sept 11  It was cloudy all day.  In the afternoon

Minnie and I went to Mrs McCleary.  She was

sick in bed.  We stay there about 30 to 45 minute

He gave us 2 big fish to take hom.  On the way

Going up Minnie bought some candy

And we eat it on the park.  And on the way

Sit I bought me a  ……


We got to Pam at 1:30 o’clock.

We walk all around and also went to the park near

At 7:00 we went and lessen to the band near

The electric tower.  In the evening we listen to the

band in the Music hall.  At 8 o’clock there was

a different band and first play “My Country

this of they”.  The light on all the building were

slowly light up.  And at the end of the song the

lights were all on.  It was certainly a great

sense to be seen.  We then walk around and

look at the water which came out of the electric

tower and also the white, red and blue light

which were in the water.  That certainly was

a very beautiful sene.  We then went

and walk around and look at the other buildings.

It was then 8:30 we than had to hurry and

get the car.  We got on the wors car-station

and had to walk way back.  We then got

to the right station but there were two

lines of cars running.  We did not want knew

what car to take.  Willie asked a man.

When the car came we had a very hart time

To get on.  Otto was dutch out and loss his

set and papa some ladies went to pill him

off.  When they saw that Otto loss his set

they laughted.  Papa and I want to get off

at the right station but Willie and Otto laughted

at us.  But when we got to the next station

we right anyway.  We then had to walk

down to the other station where we want

to get off.  We asked a conductor and he

told us that our ticket were no good but

we asked another and he told us where

it was.  It was 9:30 and we just want

a little while and the car came we all

got a very good seat.  The people were

much all sleeping in the car.  Willie was

sleepy most all the ways.  I myself feel

like sleepy.  The conductor at the end

went around and wake the peoples.

He was very nice.

The electric fountain we saw when we

Were on the car going to Buffalo.  It was

Very nice.

On the car going to Pan America I rode

backward and the conductor was very

pleadsten and the car got off the trolly.

It made a very hard nose.  The conductor

was very frighten and went right away


The station we stop at going: Northeast, Harborcreek, Ripley, Westfield, Brocton, Dunkerd,

Going home from the station: Northeast, Harborcreek, Westfield, Dunkerd.

The buildings we wen throught are:

Manufacture, Agricultural, Music Hall, Sowair,

Philippine Village, Africa Darkest and Drums.

The Sun. Horticul bulding Ethology.

Sept 6  Mr. McKinley was shot

Sept 18 Leo and Ione came.

Sept 19 Mr. Kinley was burned

Sept 19 Leo and Willie went to Cleveland.

Oct. 4 We club had a social at May A

Oct. 17 I went to a surprise party to Elsie

and Paul Ryan.  Boys were there

Oct. 31 Six of we girls went out Hallowenen

and had a good time.  Run races and

such things.

Oct. 25 Club meet to my place.

In the afternoon I went to the parish

house with May As to gymnasium

Mrs. Benze came over to see us.

Nov. 6  I bought my coat was $9:75.

long coat.

My teeth cost $15.00

Nov. 10 Went to church

Nov. 16 Went to Library with May B and Etta.

Nov. 17 Went with May A. and Etta out

salking and in the evening to church

Nov. 20 Went in the afternoon to the Literature

Society entertainment

Nov. 21 Thurs. Went to school to see Mas Gloth.

Nov. 24 Sun. Leo and Wife came.

Nov. 26 Tues. Otto Petrat spoke he slpke

quite good.

Nov. 28. ThursThanksgiving I went to St. Paul

With May a. and Etta G.