Saturday from the Archives

Clara Petrat

Saturday Jun 6th, 2020

Clara Petrat’s diary was copied exactly as she wrote it, so there may be some of her writings that will puzzle us.  (What was the Friday evening ‘frace’ that she attended?)


In her brown bag diary, Clara lists her activities including: Thanksgiving, Girls Literary Society, a list of her Christmas gifts(some similar to today), on March 5 Prince Henry ‘come to Erie’, going to the Library, making candy and more.


Dec. 2 Mon.  The girls Club Minnie and Emma

met here about 13 girls. Serve lunch.

Dec. 6 I went to the farce of the Class of 1901.

Wed. Dec. 4.  In the afternoon the girls literary

society met.  I also found 25 cents that


Fri. Dec. 6.  I went to H. School frace in the evening.

Sat. Dec. 7 Went in the morning down street

Afternoon made candy

Fri. Dec. 13 In the evening went to H.S.

frace in the evening

Tues. Dec. 17 I went down street in the


Wed. Dec. 18 I wen to the Girl Literary

Society entertainment.

Dec. 21 Sat.  I went down street in the


Dec 24 Tues. Went with May A. to gymnasium

Dec. 25 Wed.  Christmas got.

From mama 1 E H.S. pin

                       2 all silk waist      From Leo   Writing paper

  1. ring From lone  Silver tooth brush

From Emma  Glove


From Willie   Gloves box           From Otto   bottle perfume

From Minnie Writing Paper

From Saly N. Sunday school teacher   a pen

Dec. 26 Thurs.  Went to May A., Anna and May S.

Dec 27 Fri.  Got Edith picture.  I went over there

                     Went to depot with May A.

                    Lillie Sculley came over but I was

                   Not the home.

Dec. 30. Mon.  Lady N. came over my Sunday

                                                      School teacher

Jan. 1 Wed. Went to May a. met a young

man there and after supper Edith called

and went to Anna B.

Jan. 2 Thurs. May A. and Anna B. Came

Jan. 4 Sat. May a. came over and in evening

                        Man Simsaman and Plando

Jan 5 Sun  May A. called went to depot

                  Anna B.       to go to church but

                  I did not.  I was came in evening

Jan 8 Wed  Club met to my house.

Jan 14 Tues.  Club to May S.

Jan 15 Wed. Girls society at school

Jan. 19 Went to May A.

Jan 20 Mon. school exa. in English

Jan 21 Tues.    “         “       “   Hist.

Jan 23 Thurs. play at E. H. S. 1903 class

Jan 24 Friday Dancing school

Jan 31 “              “               “

Feb 4  years ? Alert ?

Feb 5 Wed  Girls literary society

Feb. 7 Fri. To Dancing school

Feb. 14 Fri  “     “             “

Feb. 12 Wed.  Girl literary societ

Feb. 8 Sat. Went to Went to Basket Ball Game at Parish House

Feb. 15 Sat. Club met to my place.

Feb. 19 Wed. Girls literary society

Feb. 21 Fri. Dancing school

Feb. 24 Mon Club met to May A.

Feb. 26 Wed. Down street in A.W. with Mama

Feb. 27 Thurs. With Anna B. May S. to the poor family ….  …..

Feb. 28 Fri.  Dancing school

March 3 Mon Club at Anne Boylr ?

March 5 Wed. Girls society in E.H.S.

      I saw Prince Henry come through Erie

March 7 Fri I went with Bertha Carthage to


March 10 Mon. I went in afternoon with Minnie to

library and down by the lake.

In the evening Club at Etta Gingrich and we

went to Library.

March 14 Fri.  Dancing school

March 15 Sat. Parish house and library.

March 17 Mon. Club my house.

March 20 Thurs.  May came over.

March 21 Fri. got a new pair of shoes.

March 23 Sun. went to with May A. and Etta G.

to in church for May A. belong to

the coir in had to practice singing.

March 24 Mon. Club at May a.

March 26 Wed. Down street in evening with

                             May S. Leona S. and Etta G.

March 27 Thurs. May A. came over for a little

     while and went out walking a little

     ways with her

March 28 Friday.  In the morning went to

church with Mama.

     March 29 Sat.  Went to May A. to go to Basket

Ball game but was not there.

     March 30 Sun. Went to club at Anna B.

            Present. May A., May S., Etta, Clara F

Myself, Anna B and May A. sister-in-law.