Saturday from the Archives

Clara Petrat

Saturday Jun 13th, 2020

Clara Petrat tells about President McKinley’s assassination and funeral in September, many flags were out.  This diary excerpt is April 2 -Sept 20.  She skipped some pages and resumed writing December 4.

April 2, Wed. …Literary society at E.H.S.

April 5 Sat.  With to May A. and down street

         With Minnie

April 6 Sun. May A. came over.

April 7 Mon. Club at Etta Gingrich

                         “Present May and Georg Sutter

    Etta G., May A., Anna B., and myself

April 9 Wed.  Went down street with Minnie

April 10 Thurs. Went down  “       “       “

April 11 Fri Went to school to hear the

            debate between Boy and girl

            society and after to May b. a little while.

April 13 Sun. Etta G and May A. came over

            and we went to Anna B.

April 14 Mon. club met to my place in the afternoon. 

             In the evening I went to dancing school

April 16 Wed.  In the afternoon Literacy

            Society.  In the evening to church to

see the wedding.

Clara then left blank pages: half of page 40, also page 41 and 42, resumed her diary on December 4

Dec. 4 Found 25 cents.  From Dec. 4.

Dec. 4 spent 10 for society

Dec. 6 school entertainment 15 spent.

Dec. 7 Got 15 from mama

Dec. 8. Sun. 6 for Sunday school Got 2

Dec. 13 For E.H.S. frace of 1902 15 cents

Dec. 21 for May A. present 25 cents

Dec. 21 For 2 cents stamp 2 cents

Dec. 21 For Sady N. present 10 cents

Dec. 23 Mon. I got 10 cents from Emma.

Dec. 29 Sun. I got 1 cents from papa.

Jan 12 Sun. I got 6 cents from papa.

Jan. 23 Thurs. Got 15 cents from mama and

spent it for E.H.S. frace

Jan. 24 Fri. Got 10 cents from mama and

spent 25 for dancing school

Jan. 31 Fril  I got 25 and spent 25 for

                         dancing school

Feb. 7 Fri I got 25 and spent for dancing school.   25.

Feb. 8 Sat.  I got 10 cent from Emma.

Feb. 8  “    I spent 15 cent for the Basketball game.

Feb. 8  “   I went to opera house with Papa 

it cost 20 cents he pay it.

Feb 19 got 2 cents from Papa spent 1

Feb. 14 Fri. Dancing school got and spent 25

Feb. 21 Sat     “            “          “    “      “        “

Feb. 22 Sat. I got 11 cents from Papa.

Feb. 23 Sun. I got 1 cent      “        “

Feb. 28 Fri. I got 25 cents and spent it for Dancing school

March 8 Sat. I got 10 cents from Emma.

March 14 Fri. Dancing school 25 cents

March 16 Sun. Two for Sunday School. I got 2

March 25 Fri For 1 church

March 30 Sun.  I got 3 and spent 1

April 6 Sun. I got 2  and           “    2

April 12 Sat. I got 10 cents

April 13 Sun. I got 9 and spent 2

April 14 Mon. I go 25 and   “   25

April 17 Thurs.  I spent 2 for stamp

April 20 Sun.  I spent 7 and got 2

April 25 Fri.  I got 15 cents and spent 15 for E.H.S.

April 27 Sun. I got 7    “ an spent 2 for Sunday School

April 28 Mon I spent 10 cents for club.

May 3 Sat. I got 2 cents

May 4 Sun I had got 2 and spent 2

May 5 Mon I spent 25 and got 25

May 11 Sun I got 2 and spent 2 for S.S.

May 10 Sat I got 10 cent from Emma

May 15 Thurs spent for glove 39 mama pay

May 16 Fri Going to th Opera House .50.

We got home about 5:30 In the evening I studied

a little.

Sept 12 Thurs. It was plasant during the day but

warm.  I went to May A. to see whether she was

going to E.H. S. for anything because I forget my

umbrellas.  But we did not go  I stay there and we

study Algebra and English.  I got home about 6.

In the evening I studied and Albert came and

papa went away and it rain very hard.

Sept.13 Fri. It rained in the morning but it was      

cool.  In the afternoon it was very pleasant  I did

not study at all but slept.  I felt quiet mad in            

afternoon In the evening May A., Clara F and Etta              

came and called for me to go to the corn-wars to  &             

to Anna B.  We had a very good gime  There was about       

20 of us.  They played.  I talk with everybody

I had a very good time and until after we went        

home I had the blues.  On the way home I act so    

funny that they did not knew what to make of it    

But I was only happy and show them I could             

made fun.  I got home at 10:10.  We  I went to bed   

Minnie told me McKinley was dead but he did

not die till 2:15 the next morning.

Sept 14 Sat.  McKinley died, I told my bath and     

read the paper.  In the afternoon I took a walk to Edith   

and worn my new Emma brown grist for the     

first time.  Many flags were out that day.

I stared from Edith at about 5 and met May A. and          

Anna B. on 19 and Sassafras.  I stood there a long     

time than Anna and I went to May A. and then     

stood at 17 and Sas.  And talk again.  I rode on Anna    

bicycle on the rway coming home.  I got home at 6:10         

o’clock.  In the evening I went with Ma to butcher and           

than took a walk with Minnie and we met Molly N.    

and Souril Margaret and we lose of fun.

Sept. 15 Sun.  I went to Sunday-school in the                 

morning it look like rain and it was quite

warm.   In the afternoon May A. came and I                

went with her for a walk to her house  It got         

cold in the afternoon and evening.  In the                 

evening I went with papa to 16 and Walnut 

to see the Italian celebrating a day for fire-        

works there.  I did not have very much.

Sept. 16 Mon.  I went to school it was a nice        

day.  In the afternoon I went to May A. and     

work our Algebra together.  In evening I study        

Sept 17 Tues.  I went to school and in afternoon                       

I study and in evening went out walking             

with Minnie it was a very nice day.

Sept 18 Wed.  It rain most all day it was          

very cold.  In the afternoon Minnie and I    

went to the depot to see whether Leo was coming             

on my way back I stop in May A. from there we               

went up to Anna B. and than walk home over           

to May A.  In the evening Carrie Schinder came              

to see Emma.  About 7 o’clock Leo and Ione came      

Willie slept up here that night.     

The all family slept in one house

We did not go to bed until about 12 o’clock.

Sept 19. Thurs.  We did not have no school     

it was the day Mr. McKinley was buried.      

Papa and Willie were the home.  We went              

 to school for a little while to have an                

exercise.  May S. and Anna B. went with us                            

I meet Amela Bark and she walk down                  

with us.  I had to enterduce that Bark girl                  

with May S. it was the first time  I ever did.             

Mr. Burn spoke and we had a very nice                     

 exercise.  The room was team very nice.               

There were very many people there.                      

All the teachers were sitting on the stag.                        

It lasted until about 10:30 o’clock and                     

 began about 9:15.  All of us girls went                     

down street.  I got home at 12.  In the afternoon                    

 I studied.  In the evening Emma had company                 

and Mrs. Simselman and Blanche came over.                   

I went with Ione on peach street to get                   

some medicine.  Ser and Willie want to go                       

to Canton to see the funeral.  But they got as                   

far as Cleveland and then miss the train                        

to Canton.  They stay in Cleveland all day.

Sept 20. Friday  It was cold and dreary like.                         

I went to school in the morning and study                          

in the afternoon and went to Elsie Ryan to club

Leo, Willie and Jane went to Buffalo and                

came home at 2:50 the next morning.