Saturday from the Archives

Clara Petrat

Saturday Jun 20th, 2020

Clara Petrat tells of her activities: going to Market, Butcher, Sunday school, Buffalo, Opera House.  She studies diligently for Algebra and History examinations.  There is a quarrel between Papa and Willie.  Then there is a Social with much preparation including purchase of peaches, ‘got plates, forks’, put on her ‘purple flowers dress’.  Then later ‘pick peaches’.  Since the beginning of her diary, Clara has improved her writing skills, but still needs more.

Sept 21 Sat.  Leo and Willie went again      

to Buffalo.  May A. and Anna went to Buffalo                     

that day.  Jane stay he home.  I study                     

most all day.  Anna L. came over and brought               

me her picture.  In the afternoon I read                   

Minnie went down street.  They brought    

candy home.  In the evening I went to Market               

once with papa, and another Emma and                   

to butcher with mama.

Sept 22. Sun   Leo and Willie came home             

at about 5 o’clock.  I went to Sunday school.    

In the afternoon I stay at home.      

In the evening I went to May A. a little while.     

She came home from Buffalo at 5 in afternoon.     

Emma had company.

Sept 23 Mon.  I went to school.  In the afternoon    

I study.  In the evening May A and Anna B                  

came over for a minute.  I got Clara Dimpefel???                         

picture.  Leo, Willie, Ione went to Buffalo.        

In the evening Minnie and I took a                      

walk.  We acted very silly                    

Emma  went away and Otto to opera           

House.  I felt very sad that night.               

Sept 24 Tue.  I went to school it was quiet              

warm.  They brought us all a present from        

 Buffalo.  I got a pocket-book.  In the afternoon            

I study and in evening drew my map.            

They were all here.  In the evening Willie          

intend to go down to the store and sleep and                  

he went and Leo along.   But Leo brought him              

back.  Papa and Willie quarrel very bad.    

I did not get to bed until 12 o’clock.      

This was the last night we all slept together.    

Included Willie, Mama and papa talk to                 

gether on beds

Sept 25 Wed.  Leo and Ione went to Halladale       

Mich. But Willie stay up here all day.      

I study in afternoon and a little in evening.   

Papa and Willie did not speak with                   

each other.   I recite very good in all classes.

Sept 26 Thurs. I went to school It was        

warm.  In the afternoon I study.  In the       

evening I slept.   Papa went to lodge and              

Minnie and Emma went to a little party             

composed of 10 girls.  They did no come                        

home until 12 o’clock.

Sept 27 Friday   I went to school it was warm.

In the afternoon I did not feel like doing

anything.  I had the blues again.

Sept 28 Sat  I did not do anything in the     

morning.  In the afternoon May A., May S and        

Anna B and myself intend to go to the cemetery      

in the woods.  But it began to rain and then                      

we went to Elsie and May A and I went to                

Anna B. and it was rain very hard when      

we went home.  I felt quiet anger and mad.        

Over May A. and Anna B.

Sept 29. Sun.  I went to Sunday School and     

in the afternoon May A. came over for a minute     

and the she went to Cambridge.  It rain a little       

that day.  Emma G was over.  I try to study      

in afternoon and evening.

Sept 30 Mon   I rain a little and was very cold.     

I study in the afternoon and in the evening    

May A. came over and we try to do our


Oct 1 Tues I rain a little and was very cold and   

also sunshine.  I study in afternoon and a little     

in the evening.

Oct 2 Wed.  it was very cold.  I study in afternoon                     

and a little in evening

Oct 3. Thurs  I went to school and it was very cold.     

In the afternoon I went to May A. in order to     

make candy for the social.  All the club were there       

except Grace.  We had a vry good time.  At 5:30      

we intend to go home but it began to thunder     

lightning, hailed and rain and it was terrible                                   

cold.  I got home about 6.  In the evening I study. 

I did not go to bed until 11:30  stop raining

Oct 4. Friday.  It was cold and rain in the    

 afternoon I went to Tillie F. to see whether she would    

go to our Social.  She was not home.  We also purchased         

peaches.  I went to May D. and brought my                 

plate, forks, and everthing.  We got most every-             

thing ready for the evening.  In the evening I       

came home and put my whole, purple flowers            

dress on.  I went about 7 o’clock with my cake.      

Minnie and Emma went to.  We were very                  

busy and I did not feel afraid at all.      

There were many peoples there.   We make      

about 5:50 clear money.  The people were all    

gone about 10:50 but we wash the plate and     

went home about 11 o’clock.   Anna B. and

May S. came with me.

Oct 5 Sat.  I tried to study in the morning and   

afternoon my History for excamination.    

In the afternoon I went for a little while to

May A.

In the evening I went out walking with Minnie     

and to butcher with mama.

Oct 6 Sun.  It was a very pleasant day and      

quite cold.  I tried to study but I was expecting      

May A. but she had not come.  In the evening              

I also study.

Oct 7 Mon.  it was a very pleasant day.  But        

I had to study for another history examination.      

I study in afternoon and evening waiting for      

Emma to come but she had not come still       

11:30 so long I stay up and study.  My room         

is all clean.

Oct 8 Tues   it was a quite pleasant day       

In the afternoon I study and in the evening       

I went a little out walking with Minnie.

Oct. 9 Wed.  Miss Stanton called on me and      

Von der graben always called on me for reading     

and everything.  In the afternoon we pick peaches      

and I tried my best to study.  In the evening

I did not do anything.

Oct 10 Thurs.  Went to school  It was very nice      

in the evening but cold  Minnie and I       

took a walk.