Update on exhibits to come

Geri Cicchetti

Monday Apr 20th, 2020

Update on exhibits to come

And there will be more exhibits to come!                                                                                         

The first floor of the Wood-Morrison House will showcase exhibits beginning in July 2020.   

The rooms on the first floor will feature exhibits on the Erie Extension Canal, the Admiral Thomas Weschler Military Gallery, and Erie and the Navy.   Local Artifacts will be included as well as dynamic graphics.   

In addition, an exhibit in the Watson-Curtze Mansion is undergoing a make-over.   On the second floor, in Winifred Watson’s bedroom, there currently is an exhibit on recreational activities in Erie.  This room will be transformed into a child’s bedroom to showcase how a wealthy child would have lived at the turn the century.  This room will also feature interactive exhibits to provide a play space for children.  

PRD will again be the designer of these exhibits to encourage critical thinking with hands-on, dynamic, big-picture exhibits which will develop an appreciation for our heritage and pride in our community.