Update on the new exhibits

Geri Cicchetti

Sunday Dec 1st, 2019

Blog 3

In early November, the PRD Group came to the Hagen History Center to meet with staff to plan future exhibits.


PRD is the award-winning exhibit design firm who is planning and constructing future exhibits that combine story-telling and education. 


Beginning with the first floor of the new exhibit building, these exhibits will be completed in May 2020 as described in the previous article.


Next, the Watson-Curtze Mansion will have a new exhibit.  On the 2nd floor. there is currently an exhibit on recreational activities in Erie. This will be converted into a Victorian child’s bedroom, complete with artifacts from the HHC’s collection.  (This room was the former bedroom of Winifred Watson when she was a child.)   In addition, the bedroom will include interactive activities and games for visiting children.


The final phase for 2020 will be three exhibit galleries in the Wood-Morrison House.   These will include the Erie Extension Canal, Erie and the Navy, and A Legacy of Service. 


New exhibits will then be created for the second floor of the new building.   This floor will

feature an exhibit on the comprehensive history of Erie County to include Coming to Erie (immigrants) and Erie at Work.  


PRD has asked the staff members independently for their list of 12 key objects with a story to tell about our region and its history.   These objects will be incorporated into the new exhibits.  


PRD returned in mid-Dec with 35% of the design plan completed.   More details will follow in future newsletters.