Why give to ECHS during Erie Gives?

Geri Cicchetti

Monday Jul 6th, 2020

Why give to ECHS during Erie Gives?     

Because students need to learn about Erie’s history.   

In a partnership with the Millcreek Township School District and Westlake Middle School, all two hundred 7th graders visited HHC over four days last school year.

Teachers Erin Anderson and Megan Hollern, with the full support of their Principal Mr. Martin Kaveman and the district’s Curriculum Director Dr. Tim Stoops, helped the HHC staff and volunteers make this possible.

Students were divided into groups of ten and on a 25-minute schedule, 5 different topics were presented. Each stop or station was developed to be engaging and give the student a deeper understanding of history by analyzing photos, documents and artifacts firsthand.

In the words of the teachers, “This field trip was an experience in hands-on history.  Students touched real artifacts, talked to actual curators, and studied authentic documents all with connections to our collective local history.  The campus of Hagen History Center is steeped in Erie culture and is a blend of state-of-the-art museum facilities and historical landmarks.”  Many thanks to the donors for their help making this possible.

Your donation to the Erie County Historical Society during Erie Gives will help fund student field trips to the Hagen History Center.