Why give to ECHS during Erie Gives?

Geri Cicchetti

Monday Aug 10th, 2020

Why give to ECHS during Erie Gives?     

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This year there’s even an extra incentive for children, and adults, to visit the ECHS museums.


The Wood Morrison House and a new exhibit building will open with new exhibit galleries. An exhibit of national significance and seven new galleries are scheduled to open in August.  The galleries have been designed to encourage critical thinking with hands-on, interactive, dynamic, big picture exhibits.  These galleries will also develop an appreciation for our heritage and pride in our community with an understanding of Erie’s rich history. 


These creative exhibits utilize multi-media to capture the attention of young and old alike.  They provide intellectually engaging and entertaining experiences that combine storytelling and education while appealing to Erie’s diverse population.  The community will undoubtedly want to see these galleries!


Your donation to the Erie County Historical Society during Erie Gives will help fund student field trips to the Hagen History Center.