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Looking back and looking ahead at Art’s Bakery

Nathaniel Clark

Friday Jul 28th, 2023

With new owners, Art’s Bakery is set to continue its Erie legacy.

An Erie staple since 1950, Art’s Bakery is one of the mom-and-pop shops whose light continues to burn bright in this historic city. For the past 72 years, the Evans family kept the business afloat, consistently selling their highly acclaimed baked goods throughout the decades.

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An Afternoon for Equality

Kelly Bucci

Wednesday Jun 28th, 2023

Happy Pride Month! On Sunday June 4th, The History Center hosted the Greater Erie Alliance for Equality’s annual “Afternoon for Equality” cocktail event.


Event Spotlight: A Starlight Soiree

Kelly Bucci

Wednesday Jun 14th, 2023

The Hagen History Center’s outdoor event season is in full swing. Warmer weather and sunnier days have us all excited for the busy schedule of events ahead. Our first event spotlight will showcase Erie Dawn’s “Starlight Soiree” - which was held at the Watson-Curtze Mansion on May 13th.

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Looking back over 50+ years of Mighty Fine Donuts and H&K Donuts

Nathaniel Clark, PSU Behrend intern at the Hagen History Center

Thursday May 25th, 2023

Erie’s Mighty Fine Donuts and H&K Donuts are currently up for sale, and that means new owners could possibly continue the legacy of the northwestern Pennsylvania donut excellence.


Excellence in Menswear

Kelly Bucci

Wednesday May 17th, 2023

Have you ever visited a museum and been mesmerized by a piece of clothing or accessory you wish you could have for yourself? I’m here to tell you that you can. Or at least something very similar. This Wedding Wednesday post will take a look at formal menswear. Future grooms, pay attention!

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Erie's connection to horse racing tied to Algeria Farm

Courtney Baran

Friday May 5th, 2023

It’s a very common hobby and passion that one researches their family history. Genealogy lovers across the globe spend hours searching for those missing links to create beautiful family trees, and learn the mysteries of their family history. While genealogy researching is well-known, did you know that horse lineage and pedigree has an immensely complex history as well?

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Vintage Style Shines in Erie

Kelly Bucci

Wednesday Apr 26th, 2023

Welcome to the HHC’s new wedding and special event blog! Our goal is to tell you about our venue spaces, their history, highlight current wedding trends, and feature local businesses. 

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Women making history: Meet Zanita Zacks-Gabriel and Andona Zacks-Jordan

Pam Parker 

Friday Mar 31st, 2023

For Women’s History Month, we’re thrilled to share that our neighbor has been making history for decades. And her daughter is following in her footsteps. At 402 W. Sixth St., Zanita Zacks-Gabriel and her daughter, Andona Zacks-Jordan, are great role models.


Happiness & Long Life for All its Residents #116

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Mar 29th, 2023

In my journeys through the city of Erie, there is always a beautiful house that catches my eye. There is a house not far from the museum on West 6th Street, that for years I have referred to as the “Holland” house and have admired. Well, I just learned that for years, I have been wrong.


Happiness & Long Life for All its Residents #115

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Mar 22nd, 2023

Erie has no shortage of bars and social clubs. Especially in this post-COVID world, it feels good to get out, see people and get involved in something fun. I recently did that when I joined the Polish Falcons, Nest 610 on East 3rd Street. You do not have to be of Polish descent to belong, although I am 25% Polish. I needed to educate myself, and now you, about my new club.