Sewing Machine 1842

The Sewing Machine and Synthetic Dyes

Elena Kubat – Waynesburg University

Wednesday Aug 18th, 2021

Our clothes today come in so many different styles and colors which was unimaginable to people back in the 1800s when clothes were sewn by hand and dyes had to come from natural sources. So, how did we get to the point where we could buy colorful clothing cheaply off the rack?

Hanover Marker

Pennsylvania Historic Markers-A Roadside Attraction Since …1913

Jeff Sherry

Friday Aug 13th, 2021

As you drive across the highways and byways of Pennsylvania, it won’t be long before you see the familiar blue and gold (Pennsylvania’s state colors) historic markers commemorating a person, place, innovator or event of note in that area. Over 2,300 of these cast aluminum  markers dot the landscape of the commonwealth.


The Changing Silhouette of Victorian Women’s Fashions – The History of the Corset

Lydia Lane – John Carroll University Intern

Wednesday Aug 11th, 2021

The earliest recorded instance of corsets in history is from the Minoan people. The Minoans were a group of people who lived in proximity of Greece on the island of Crete around 1,000 BC. The earliest image of a corset comes from a figurine of the Minoan snake goddess where she is depicted wearing a corset-like garment. The Minoans and other Grecian people desired the image of a small waist, so corset-like pieces were worn to achieve this effect.


Dan Rice and Dan Rice Days in Girard, PA

Jeff Sherry

Friday Aug 6th, 2021

Each August, the Borough of Girard, Pennsylvania, in western Erie County, celebrates Dan Rice Days, a community tradition named after circus owner, entrepreneur and clown. Who was Dan Rice?


The Changing Silhouette of Victorian Women’s Fashions -1890s

Lydia Lane – John Carroll University Intern

Wednesday Aug 4th, 2021

Fashion during the 1890s accumulated all the changes and trends that had occurred during the 19th century.


The Changing Silhouette of Victorian Women’s Fashions -1880s

Ian Headley – Gannon University Intern

Wednesday Jul 28th, 2021

1880s fashion was much more slender than the previous decades. In fact, women were often heavily restricted due to how slender these dresses were. There were two main styles of women’s dress in the 1880s, the first of which was the princess line. This style was extremely tight and body hugging which gave women a slender silhouette. It also focused on putting decoration on the lower back.


A Tragic Story-One Family’s Sacrifice

Jeff Sherry

Friday Jul 23rd, 2021

The story of staff-sergeant Jesse G. Salajczyk of Erie, Pennsylvania, is a sad and all too typical story of loss and sadness in World War II. An exhibit case in the new Admiral Thomas Weschler Military Gallery in the restored Wood-Morrison house on the campus of the Hagen History Center features his story.


The Changing Silhouette of Victorian Women’s Fashions -1870s

Adam Macrino – Mercyhurst University Intern

Wednesday Jul 21st, 2021

The shape of dresses in the 1870s changed dramatically in several ways. The shape of the skirt now accented the rear of the wearer. The globe-like appearance of dresses in the 1860s was altered. Dresses now featured a skirt that was flat in the front but protruded backwards more so than the older globe shape. This type of skirt was called the first bustle style.


Mail Pouch Barns: A Fading American Icon

Jeff Sherry

Friday Jul 16th, 2021

Today all forms of tobacco are known to be cancer-causing so some younger readers may not realize the extent of advertising by tobacco companies throughout the United States. One such form was the Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn.


The Changing Silhouette of Victorian Women’s Fashion- 1860's

Lydia Lane – John Carroll University Intern

Wednesday Jul 14th, 2021

The decade of the 1860s was a pivotal time, not only for fashion, but for America as well.