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Sarah Woodruff - Erie Artist

Jeff Sherry

Friday Mar 26th, 2021

Little is known about Sarah M. Woodruff’s personal story. Her artwork, however, remains as a lasting legacy to her life and advocacy for the arts.


Long Life & Happiness for All its Residents #50

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Mar 24th, 2021

The town of Erie was first settled permanently by Seth Reed and his family in 1795 near the mouth of Mill Creek, which runs through the city (tunneled after the 1915 Flood) and empties into Presque Isle Bay.  In that same year, the City of Erie was officially laid out by Andrew Ellicott and William Irvine.  The marker stone pictured below was one of four that marked the first Erie community borders.

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A Page from Erie’s Darker Past: Part I

Claire Varrieur

Monday Mar 22nd, 2021

The Erie County Oyer and Terminer Collection is one of the Erie County Historical Society’s most interesting archival collections.


Ida Tarbell: The Muckraker that Challenged Rockefeller.

Jeff Sherry

Friday Mar 19th, 2021

Ida M. Tarbell’s name would become synonymous with the term muckraker after publication of her 19-part expose of the business practices of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company that had destroyed her father’s oil business, as well as many other small oil related companies in Pennsylvania’s oil region in the 1870s.


Long Life & Happiness for All its Residents #49

Wednesday Mar 17th, 2021

Beginning two-hundred million years ago, at various times Pennsylvania was literally covered by an ocean! The land would rise and fall over the millennia.  When it rose, lush vegetation would cover the land only to be covered by water when it fell. Each time, sand and water would compact the vegetation forming layers of coal such as what is found south of Pittsburgh near the Scranton area and into West Virginia.


The House that Isobella Built

Claire Varrieur

Monday Mar 15th, 2021

The Nicholson House, at 4838 West Ridge, Erie, was built in 1837 for Isobella Nicholson, widow of John Nicholson, one of Erie’s pioneer settlers. The Hagen History Center houses many collections containing the photos, papers, and ephemera of Erie County’s earliest settlers. These collections will once again be available to researchers after HHC’s grand reopening this summer.

CivilWar 042

We need your help!

Saturday Mar 13th, 2021

Do you have a family member who worked here for the Watson or Curtze families between 1891 and 1941?

If so, we would love to hear from you. We would like to share their stories with our visitors. If you have photographs or stories, please contact Museum Educator Jeff Sherry at jsherry@eriehistory.org.


Elvira Mannarelli and American Women Go to War

Jeff Sherry

Friday Mar 12th, 2021

Before and after the attack on Pearl Harbor and America’s entry into World War II, Americans had been enlisting in the military in growing numbers. The total number of Americans that served topped 16 million. Of that number, over 350,000 were women. One such woman was Erie’s Elvira “Vera” Mannarelli.

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23 New State Historical Markers Approved

Thursday Mar 11th, 2021

Pennsylvania Historical Museum & Commission has approved 23 new state historical markers. One of the plaques will be dedicated to Charlotte Elizabeth Battles. 

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The History of the Historic Warner Theatre

Thursday Mar 11th, 2021

John "Casey" Wells, Executive Director of Erie County Convention Center Authority (Erie Events) and Board Member of the Warner Theater Preservation Trust will present the History of the Historic Warner Theatre here in Erie, Pennsylvania.