Happiness & Long Life for All its Residents #72

Becky Weiser, Curator

Wednesday Dec 15th, 2021

The ever-changing weather here in Erie County is always a topic of discussion among residents.  Fortunately, we don’t get extreme weather very often. 


“Meet Me Under the Clock”- The Boston Store, Erie, PA

Jeff Sherry, Museum Educator

Friday Dec 10th, 2021

“Meet me under the clock,” inside the store on the first floor, a phrase the is sure to stir up fond memories of a longtime Erie landmark-The Boston Store. Black and white wooden roadside signs told motorists every 15 miles  how far they were from this downtown Erie department store, the shopping destination before plazas and malls changed the landscape forever. With the holiday shopping season underway, let’s take a look back to the days before online shopping.

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Residents commemorate 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack

Bill Welch

Monday Dec 6th, 2021

On this 80th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, we should remember at the sacrifices that people with Erie County connections made then and throughout World War II.   The war reached into nearly every aspect of American life in those years and forever changed this county, this country and the world.


Happiness & Long Life for All its Residents #71

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Nov 24th, 2021

I believe I confessed in an earlier blog that I like trains.  I like watching freight trains, riding in a passenger car, or eating in a dining car.  I guess that makes me a small-time railroad enthusiast or part of the railfan culture that really does exist.  If you want to meet hard-core railfans, I suggest a stay at the Station Inn in Cresson, Pennsylvania.  I have only stayed there twice.

thanksgiving 2

We Celebrate 400 Years of Thanksgiving Traditions and Myths

Jeff Sherry

Tuesday Nov 23rd, 2021

On the fourth Thursday of November since 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln declared it a national holiday, Americans have celebrated Thanksgiving with a feast. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce topped off with pumpkin pie for dessert.


Happiness & Long Life for All its Residents #70

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Nov 17th, 2021

The Hagen History Center was fortunate recently. A donor sent an object relating to the 1888 Erie Penna. Illustrated Souvenir book that this blog is inspired by, and it is making me hungry!

Greg Henning Iraq


Jeff Sherry, Museum Educator

Thursday Nov 11th, 2021

Greg Henning is just one of many volunteers at the Hagen History Center and only one of several who is a veteran. Greg is the focus of  this profile coming during the week when we celebrate all our veterans and Veterans Day.

Mens Clothing 3

Changes in Men’s Clothing: Part Three

Amanda Rockwood

Wednesday Nov 10th, 2021

Welcome back to men’s fashion! Today continues our journey through men’s clothing with part three of this blog.

Found in Archives 1.3

Found in the Archives!

KayAnn Warner

Friday Nov 5th, 2021

Here is the occasional blog, “Found in the Archives”, that was announced back in September, remember the Strong Vincent find? Like I said in that September blog— “is a once a month or two kind of find.”

Mens Clothing 2.3

Changes in Men’s Clothing: Part Two

Amanda Rockwood

Wednesday Nov 3rd, 2021

Welcome back to men’s fashion! Today we will continue through the decades of men’s fashion with part two of this blog.