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Vlog #2 War of 1812 Sailor Uniform

Jeff Sherry

Friday Apr 17th, 2020

Museum Educator, Jeff Sherry discusses a typical uniform of a Sailor from the War of 1812.

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"Long Life & Happiness for All Its Residents" #3

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Apr 15th, 2020

We all “play favorites”, don’t we I have favorite collections at the Museum (Griswold cast iron, women’s clothing and hand embroideries).  We have favorite colors, sports teams and Presidential candidates (we won’t go there, I promise) Well, I have a favorite monument in Perry Square downtown.  Once a working water fountain, this 6 -foot -tall carved piece of granite is located behind the Civil War monument if you are coming from the West.  It has seen a little wear over the years.  The “cups” on each corner had a brass tube coming from above for water and one is even labeled “ice water”.  Years of rough winters have made the inscribed writing a little hard to read but upon closer inspection, you can make out: “Presented to the City of Erie May 30, 1883 by Geo. D. Selden”.  I had to research who George Selden was and why he would give a fountain to the city. 

Forgotten Plague

Valerie Myers of Erie Times News

Tuesday Apr 14th, 2020

The story of Erie and the 1918-19 Spanish flu pandemic. 

Written by Valerie Myers of Erie Times News.


New Exhibit Building Opening

Monday Apr 13th, 2020

It’s almost open!  The new exhibit building will be open in July 2020! 

Completion of the building has been a multi-year process.  After securing an exhibit of national significance for Erie in 2017, a building was planned in 2018 and built in 2019.  Now the first floor of the building and the major exhibit will be unveiled in 2020.  

The first floor of the new exhibit building will feature two galleries, including the exhibit of national significance and Erie and the American Dream.   Both will open in July. 

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Sunday Recipe

Sunday Apr 12th, 2020

Today’s stunning AND delicious #SundayRecipe comes from the Cast Iron Casseroles magazine, published in 2018 by Hoffman Media and was baked in a well-loved family heirloom.


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From the Archives

Jeanne Kidder

Saturday Apr 11th, 2020

Every Saturday, we will  feature a blog post From the Archives.   This Saturday we feature diary excerpts from Clara Petrat, daughter to German immigrants who moved to Erie.  In her diary, Clara talks about her mom falling ill and having to miss commencement.  Something so many people are experiencing now. 


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Vlog #1 Civil War Union Soldier Uniform

Jeff Sherry

Friday Apr 10th, 2020

Join Hagen History Center Museum Educator, Jeff Sherry, as he discusses the standard field uniform of an Union Corporal. 

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“Long Life & Happiness for All its Residents” #2

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Apr 8th, 2020

The writing style of the 1800s is a bit more “flowery” that we tend to use today.  Some of the words used then paint a picture and feel for the community that are still applicable today. On the first page of the 1888 book, words describing Erie are: “Gem City of the Lakes”, Beautifully Located, Its Great Wealth and Prosperity, Fine Natural Advantages, Pure Drinking Water, Efficient Departments of the Municipal Government, Magnitude of its Many Manufacturing Institutions, Many Millions Invested, Thousands of People Daily Employed and Health and Wealth”.  Do we still refer to our city by any of those words today?  Why not? 

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Making History Gala- Update!

Monday Apr 6th, 2020

Join us for the Making History Gala as the Hagen History Center celebrates the opening of the first floor of its new exhibit building on Thursday, July 9, 2020.  (Note the date has been changed to July 9.)  The gala will unveil this new jewel on West 6th Street and its place in Erie’s rich history.  

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Carrie T. Watson Garden Club 90th Anniversary Cookbook Recipe #1

Sunday Apr 5th, 2020

COVID-19 has us all inside the house and looking for new things to do. To help us get through these strange times, every Sunday we will post a recipe from the Carrie T. Watson Garden Club Cookbook.  

To start off this series of recipes, we will start with a classic: banana bread.