2020 ECGRA Lead Asset Endowment

Thursday Jan 7th, 2021

This year marks one decade of #ECGRA investing in its nine Lead Asset organizations. The strategic decision to sustain Lead Assets in perpetuity by creating the Erie County Lead Assets Endowment has extended the long-term impact of gaming revenue in Erie County. 


Long Life & Happiness to All its Residents #39

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Jan 6th, 2021

If you live in the Erie area, I am sure you have seen this beautiful building that is part of Gannon University downtown.  This 46-room mansion was built by William Scott but was incomplete by the time of his death.  The mansion was left to Scott’s daughter, Annie, in his will.  The unfinished mansion cost $480,000 ($13,887,360 today) to finish and was furnished at a cost of $800,000 ($23,145,600 today).


Archives Building Behind the Scenes

Becky Wesier

Monday Jan 4th, 2021

Take a behind the scenes look at our Archives building!

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Erie Astronaut- Paul J. Weitz

Jeff Sherry

Friday Jan 1st, 2021

The population of Earth is approximately seven billion. Only 550 have flown in space, fewer than two-thirds have been Americans. Only 12 humans have walked on the moon, and all were Americans. Erie’s Paul J. Weitz (1932-2017) is truly a member of a very small group known as astronauts.


Long Life & Happiness to All its Residents #38

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Dec 30th, 2020

Erie has had its many reasons to celebrate and during the Summer of 1913, citizens remembered Oliver H. Perry’s victory of the Battle of Lake Erie in a big way.  Most of us know the story of the building of the fleet here and battle near Put-In-Bay Ohio, but what happened after September 10, 1813 and what was that celebration in 1913 like?


There’s still time….

Geri Cicchetti

Monday Dec 28th, 2020

Make a year-end, tax deductible gift to the Hagen History Center and become part of Erie’s downtown resurgence!


Happiness & Long Life to All its Residents #37

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Dec 23rd, 2020

The title of this blog is “Happiness & Long Life”, however; war is neither.  William Tecumseh Sherman of Civil War fame stated “War is hell”.  Still, some of us tend to romanticize past wars being “Monday night quarterbacks” to events that happened long ago and were so ugly that only those involved in the modern military should study so as to not repeat the horrors.  Thousands of volumes have been written about the Civil War so today I hope to briefly honor those from Erie County and the surrounding region who served in the American Civil War.


2020 Awards Employee, Local Historian, Media

Saturday Dec 19th, 2020

Because of COVID, annual awards were given out differently this year. 

Phil Cochran-Erie’s Famous World War II Pilot

Jeff Sherry

Friday Dec 18th, 2020

Philip Gerald Cochran was born in Erie in 1910. As an officer in the U.S. Army Air Corps, later Army Air Force, Cochran developed air combat, air transport and air assault methods during World War II that revolutionized operations, especially in the China-Burma-India (CBI) theater.


2020 Volunteer's of the Year

Thursday Dec 17th, 2020

Volunteers at Hagen History Center are some of our most cherished assets. This year we awarded three of the very best volunteers the "2020 Volunteer of the  Year" Award.