Mens Clothing 1

Changes in Men’s Clothing: Part One

Amanda Rockwood

Wednesday Oct 27th, 2021

Today’s blog will be in three parts. I thought it might be interesting to look into the changes in men’s clothing throughout the years. Usually, we hear much about women’s clothing simply because there were so many more changes. This does not mean men’s clothing didn’t evolve over time also.

Sindy Doll

Sindy vs. Barbie

Amanda Rockwood

Monday Oct 25th, 2021

The title of this blog may sound odd, but it is a topic that many people may not know about. I personally did not know this competition until I began working at the Hagen History Center.

Red Barn

Nostalgia-A Look Back into The Not-So-Distant Past

Jeff Sherry

Friday Oct 22nd, 2021

“When the Hungries hit/Hit the Red Barn” was the advertising slogan for an early fast food restaurant chain called Red Barn. Founded in 1961, 60 years ago, in Springfield, Ohio, by Don Six, Martin Levin and Jim Kirst. The chain would eventually have between 300-400 restaurants in 19 states, Canada and Australia, including Pennsylvania. Erie was home to 4 locations.

Hair Wreath 1

Hair Wreaths

Amanda Rockwood

Wednesday Oct 20th, 2021

When people hear that we have objects made of hair in our collection at the Hagen History Center, they tend to become grossed out. Yes, they are made of real human hair! Women in Europe and North America created these objects to pass time.

Woman Cherub

Symbols in Wood and Stone-Carvings and Symbolism at the Watson-Curtze Mansion

Jeff Sherry

Friday Oct 15th, 2021

Visitors to the Watson-Curtze Mansion on the grounds of the Hagen History Center in the heart of Erie’s “Millionaire’s Row, West 6th Street, will notice, even before entering, the many intricate carvings in the mansion’s Medina sandstone exterior, as well as in the ornate interior woodwork.

Hamot Coach Archives Image

Hamot Coach

Amanda Rockwood

Wednesday Oct 13th, 2021

It may not look like it at first, but this is a child’s toy. One of my personal favorites since I was lucky enough to find it back when we were doing our State Street storage clean out. It is a beautiful coach that belonged to the Hamot family, yes, the same Hamot as the hospital here in Erie (see blog #6).


The Evolution of Bicycles

Amanda Rockwood

Wednesday Oct 6th, 2021

I always love getting to see the evolution of things and felt this would be a fun one.  Several sources I looked at made it sound like there is no defined history of the bicycle. This seemed to be the best, and most agreed upon history.

Battle of Thames

The Battle of The Thames- October 5, 1813.

Jeff Sherry, Museum Educator

Friday Oct 1st, 2021

On September 10, 1813, Oliver Hazard Perry’s American naval squadron defeated and captured an entire British squadron at the Battle of Lake Erie, northwest of Put-In-Bay, Ohio. It was the first time an entire British squadron was captured. this great victory made the Americans the masters of the lake.

Postcard B 69

Happiness & Long Life for All its Residents #69

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Sep 29th, 2021

As you read this, Curatorial Assistant Amanda Rockwood and I will be presenting at a national museum conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Afterwards, we are going to take a couple well deserved vacation days and relax in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and soak in the mineral waters.  The plan is to visit “bath house row” and enjoy the historic ambiance when it was popular in the late 1800s, early 1900s.


First Lieutenant Clark Olds Tayntor of 511 Chestnut.

Mark Steg

Monday Sep 27th, 2021

On September 4, 2021, the house that had been located at 511 Chestnut St, Erie PA, was demolished. While it was determined that the building had no significant historical or architectural importance, one of its inhabitants was certainly noteworthy in Erie history.