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Erie Homecoming 2020

Monday Oct 5th, 2020

Hagen History Center is excited to announce that we will be featured at Erie Homecoming 2020: Erie’s Economic Evolution.


Making History in a Pandemic

Jeff Sherry

Friday Oct 2nd, 2020

The Hagen History Center is collecting materials that document the response of our community to the corona virus that causes COVID-19.

October 2020 Speaker Series 15

October 2020 Virtual Speaker Series

Thursday Oct 1st, 2020

Hagen History Center is excited to announce two virtual speakers for the month of October; Rebecca Weiser & Stephanie Wincik. 

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Improvements to the Battles Property

David Pugh

Thursday Oct 1st, 2020

Nearly four years ago, the Erie County Historical Society (ECHS) began a process with the Lake Erie Region Conservancy (LERC) to preserve a large portion of the Battles Farm in perpetuity by creating an easement to prohibit development of over 80 acres of the woods at the south end of the property. That easement closed earlier this summer. In addition to the main grant through DCNR, both Erie Insurance and the Erie Community Foundation contributed to a fund established for improvements to the Girard properties.


Long Life & Happiness for All Its Residents #27

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Sep 30th, 2020

School is back in session and this year is certainly unique due to the pandemic.  Erie County is home to 13 school districts, along with many private schools, charter schools and home schools.  It would appear to me that a lack of education around here is not an option!  Education is a serious business today and has been for a long time.  Let us take a look at the development of public schools in the City.


Porch Fest 2020

Tuesday Sep 29th, 2020

On Saturday, September 26th, Erie’s Our West Bayfront hosted their 2020 Porch Fest; a fun-filled day of music and entertainment while exploring the historic homes of the West Bayfront Neighborhoods. 


Book Review: Meet You in Hell: Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the Bitter Partnership That Changed America.

Jeff Sherry

Friday Sep 25th, 2020

Novelist Les Standiford shows his skill as a storyteller in this fast-paced history of Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick and the 1892 Homestead steel strike that kept organized labor out of the mills for 40 years.


Long Life & Happiness for All Its Residents #26

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Sep 23rd, 2020

A few weeks ago, a small group of us from the Historical Society were granted entrance to Erie’s Land Lighthouse which used to be open for tours sporadically before the pandemic.  Because I couldn’t bring all of you along and our Erie lighthouses bring so much happiness, this blog is specifically about this one navigational aid.

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ECHS Amazing Ginkgo Tree

Robert S. O’Rear, Forester & ECHS Volunteer

Tuesday Sep 22nd, 2020

On September 18th, the Hagen History Center hosted Mercyhurst Forensics students and staff to our campus.  The prime objective was to “map” a large gingko tree on the History Center campus, using the same techniques that would be used in a crime scene. 

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Thankful Thursday

Thursday Sep 17th, 2020

Rob has been with Hagen History Center / Erie County Historical Society since the beginning of 2018 working under Maintenance and Facilities. Rob is tasked with keeping our entire Campus (4+ buildings!) clean. When we asked him “What has been the biggest change since COVID-19?” Rob replied “There’s a lot more to do! Daily disinfection, about sums it up!”