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“Long Life & Happiness for All its Residents” #2

Wednesday Apr 8th, 2020

The writing style of the 1800s is a bit more “flowery” that we tend to use today.  Some of the words used then paint a picture and feel for the community that are still applicable today. On the first page of the 1888 book, words describing Erie are: “Gem City of the Lakes”, Beautifully Located, Its Great Wealth and Prosperity, Fine Natural Advantages, Pure Drinking Water, Efficient Departments of the Municipal Government, Magnitude of its Many Manufacturing Institutions, Many Millions Invested, Thousands of People Daily Employed and Health and Wealth”.  Do we still refer to our city by any of those words today?  Why not? 

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Making History Gala- Update!

Monday Apr 6th, 2020

Join us for the Making History Gala as the Hagen History Center celebrates the opening of the first floor of its new exhibit building on Thursday, July 9, 2020.  (Note the date has been changed to July 9.)  The gala will unveil this new jewel on West 6th Street and its place in Erie’s rich history.  

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Carrie T. Watson Garden Club 90th Anniversary Cookbook Recipe #1

Sunday Apr 5th, 2020

COVID-19 has us all inside the house and looking for new things to do. To help us get through these strange times, every Sunday we will post a recipe from the Carrie T. Watson Garden Club Cookbook.  

To start off this series of recipes, we will start with a classic: banana bread.  


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Walter Logan Long, Erie, PA, PT-111

Saturday Apr 4th, 2020

Walter Logan Long lived at 745 Rosedale Avenue in Erie when he joined the US Navy for the first time in 1937.  He would enlist again in May 1942 after the United States had entered World War II.

Serving on PT 111, under the command of Lt. John H. Clagett, Seaman First Class Long and his PT squadron were shipped out to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific.  Here the PT boats would see some of the heaviest action of their wartime service.

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"Long Life & Happiness for All its Residents" #1

Wednesday Apr 1st, 2020

I’ve never really “blogged” before, but as the Curator for the Erie County Historical Society and, due to the current pandemic, unable to work with the physical objects in our collection, I have decided to give this a try. 


A Message From our Executive Director

Monday Mar 30th, 2020

As the global health community and the world come together to face the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted our supporters to know how the Hagen History Center/Erie County Historical Society is responding to these challenging times. Every decision we make is being guided by our long-standing commitment to Erie County, to our donors, to our volunteers, and to our staff.


Battle of the Barristers

Monday Mar 30th, 2020

Room 33 was an exciting spot on Wednesday, January 29, during the Battle of the Barristers benefiting the Hagen History Center.



From the Carriage House

Sunday Dec 1st, 2019

From the Carriage House  

It has been another incredibly busy year for the Erie County Historical Society (ECHS).

Read more about it!

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Update on the new exhibits

Sunday Dec 1st, 2019

In early November, the PRD Group came to the Hagen History Center to meet with staff to plan future exhibits.


Update on the New Exhibit Building

Wednesday Nov 27th, 2019

After 10 months of construction, the new exhibit building has been completed!