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Saturday from the Archives

Clara Petrat

Saturday May 23rd, 2020

Every Saturday, we feature a blog post From the Archives.   Clara Petrat, daughter to German immigrants who moved to Erie, wrote on a brown bag diary.  This week we feature excerpts from her diary about Clara's summer including club meetings, hearing a band at Waldameer, fireworks and watermelon. 

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Lock #10 Sharpsville, Pennsylvania

Jeff Sherry

Friday May 22nd, 2020

Visit Lock #10 in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania, with Museum Educator, Jeff Sherry.

bob volunteer

Volunteering with Hagen History Center

Robert O'Rear

Thursday May 21st, 2020

"During 2018 and 2019, I spent a considerable portion of my time with the ECHS learning about the role of local residents in World War I. From their pre- and post-conflict personal histories to their active roles as both military members and non-military support personnel during World War I, I delved into all aspects of the lives of these individuals."

Read more about Bob's volunteering experience below!

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“Long Life & Happiness for All its Residents” #8

Becky Weiser

Wednesday May 20th, 2020

The topic of roads and streets has been on my mind lately regarding “Happiness for All its Residents”. I like the street that I live on very much and I love West 6th Street where the Historical Society is located, which I walk to almost every day for exercise.  The 1888 book has a nice section on Erie Streets, but I am finding that there is so much more to learn and appreciate about what so many of us take for granted.  Until we hit a pothole that is!  A little historical background is necessary before we hit the Erie Streets.


Wood-Morrison House Tour

Jeff Sherry

Tuesday May 19th, 2020

Take a tour of the beautifully restored Wood-Morrison Home.

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Saturday from the Archives

Saturday May 16th, 2020

Clara Petrat’s diary is shown here exactly as she wrote it in her 1900 brown bag diary.

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John Brown Tannery

Jeff Sherry

Friday May 15th, 2020

Visit John Brown Tannery with Museum Educator, Jeff Sherry.

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Former Battles Bank in Girard Stood Alone triumphantly during Great Depression

Dr. Judith Lynch

Thursday May 14th, 2020

There is no doubt the closing of the world’s markets during 2020 will have a devastating impact on the world’s economies. Looking back to the Great Depression and reading the analyses of what went wrong does not provide a clear, unequivocal answer to what caused the economic crisis that began with the fall of the stock market on Oct. 24, 1929.

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"Long Life & Happiness for All Its Residents" #7

Becky Weiser

Wednesday May 13th, 2020

Erie County has had its share of famous personalities over the years.  Bob Hope had his first marriage here and President Taft visited his friend Charles Strong here (in what is Gannon’s Old Main), just to name a few.  So, I do believe our fair corner of the Commonwealth has provided happiness for many a visitor.  One of the earliest visitors here was General Lafayette, American Revolutionary War hero.   In this blog, I want to write about not only his visit as explained in the 1888 book, but a little of what the curatorial department at the Historical Society does, and some of the objects we have in the collection related to this exciting time.

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Watson-Curtze Mansion 3rd Floor Tour

Tuesday May 12th, 2020

Take a tour of the 3rd Floor of the Watson-Curtze Mansion with Museum Educator, Jeff Sherry.