Watson-Curtze Mansion is closed to the public for the month of February for minor renovations - discounted museum admission $8


larry flatly

Covid-19 Pandemic is a Teachable moment on Native American History

Larry Flatley

Wednesday Apr 29th, 2020

Viruses have been shaping American history since Europeans began traveling regularly to North America five centuries ago.


Watson-Curtze Mansion 1st Floor Virtual Tour

Tuesday Apr 28th, 2020

Take a tour of the Watson-Curtze Mansion with Museum Educator, Jeff Sherry. 

Huntington Gala Dinner v2

Making History Gala

Geri Cicchetti

Monday Apr 27th, 2020

Join us for the Making History Gala as the Hagen History Center celebrates the opening of the first floor of its new exhibit building on Thursday, July 9, 2020.  (Note the date has been changed to July 9.)  The gala will unveil this new jewel on West 6th Street and its place in Erie’s rich history.  

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Saturday from the Archives

Clara Petrat

Saturday Apr 25th, 2020

This diary is presented exactly as Clara Petrat wrote it.  April, May, June pages are missing from the diary. 

2L2A0460 ECHS JEFF 02

Vlog #3 War of 1812 Private

Jeff Sherry

Friday Apr 24th, 2020

This Friday, Jeff Sherry, Museum Educator, discusses an early uniform used in the battle of 1812 for a regular infantry private. 

2L2A0460 ECHS Becky 01

Long Life & Happiness for All Its Residents #4

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Apr 22nd, 2020

Looking across Peach Street from the Selden fountain, one can’t help but notice an elaborate building that most residents of our region will recognize.  Now known as the Erie Club, it was the home of Charles Manning Reed (1803-1871), a member of the city’s most prominent family during the nineteenth century.  I say “prominent” because the family name is found 42 times in the 1888 book, more than any other.  C.M. Reed’s Grandfather, Seth Reed was a Revolutionary War veteran and is noted to be the first settler in Erie County in 1795. 

2L2A0460 ECHS Geri 01 400px

Penn State Behrend students prepare Marketing Plans for the Hagen History Center again in 2020

Geri Cicchetti

Tuesday Apr 21st, 2020

For the second year in the row, Penn State Behrend marketing students have worked on a project to write marketing plans for the museum to attract visitors under the age of 30. This is a demographic the museum staff knew hasn’t been effectively reached. 

wood morrsion

Update on exhibits to come

Geri Cicchetti

Monday Apr 20th, 2020

And there will be more exhibits to come!     

2L2A0460 ECHS Jeanne 01 400px

From the Archives

Jeanne Kidder

Saturday Apr 18th, 2020

Clara Petrat diary was written on brown bag paper.  She was a member of a German immigrant family and lived at 313 W. 17 St. She was a student at Erie High School Class of 1904. The diary begins in March.  Since you will see the diary exactly as she wrote it, her punctuation and capitalization mistakes improve as she goes to English Class.  The first few pages of the diary are fragmented and some of the script is missing.

2L2A0460 ECHS JEFF 02

Vlog #2 War of 1812 Sailor Uniform

Jeff Sherry

Friday Apr 17th, 2020

Museum Educator, Jeff Sherry discusses a typical uniform of a Sailor from the War of 1812.