Central League Erie PA

Early Professional Baseball in Erie, Pennsylvania: Part 1

Barry J. Gray

Saturday Apr 17th, 2021

The recent near-death experience of the Erie Seawolves minor league baseball team had many local baseball fans on edge for over a year, after the press leaked a story that the team would be one of over forty minor league clubs to be dropped as an affiliated franchise of the major leagues.


Location, Location, Location: Erie-A Geographically Fortunate Place

Jeff Sherry

Friday Apr 16th, 2021

Have you ever thought about geographic location? Why are some places located where they are? Why not someplace other than there? Geography is not accidental. And the location of towns and cities is determined by many geographic factors, such as climate, water and access to transportation.

annual award nominations

Annual Award Nominations Now Open

Thursday Apr 15th, 2021

Each year, Erie County Historical Society – Hagen History Center recognizes individuals who, through their own efforts, have contributed to the advancement of Erie History. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to nominate individuals they believe deserve special recognition.


Long Life & Happiness for All its Residents #53

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Apr 14th, 2021

Until to 1840, Erie depended strictly upon wells and cisterns for its citizens’ water needs.  Springs and wells could be found throughout the town, and Brown’s hotel at 6th and State Streets had two natural springs.  Unfortunately, it burned down, and the town realized a more reliable system was needed.  

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Sponsor a Picnic Table!

Tuesday Apr 13th, 2021

Hagen History Center is looking for those interested in donating in memory/honor of friends and loved ones to place picnic tables on the museum grounds in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Robert and Mary Margaret Scypinski Scholarship Fund

Geri Cicchetti

Monday Apr 12th, 2021

The Robert and Mary Margaret Scypinski Scholarship Fund supports the Hagen History Center’s educational programs for school-aged children, including student field trips and attendance at the HHC’s summer history camp which begins in July, 2021.  


A Page from Erie’s Darker Past: Part 2

Claire Varrieur

Friday Apr 9th, 2021

The Erie County Oyer and Terminer Collection is one of the Erie County Historical Society’s most interesting archival collections. Courts of Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery were established by the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1790 at the county level to hear and determine capital crimes (murder, rape, treason, burglary, robbery, arson, and others), formerly a function of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.


Long Life & Happiness to All Its Residents #52

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Apr 7th, 2021

We have quite the library at the Hagen History Center with hundreds of volumes on a variety of historical topics available.  You must be a member of the society to access those books, however; so please check on our website to join if you are not. Not only do you have access to the library and archives but to our exhibits as well.  We are currently not open to visitors but will be soon! 


Long Life & Happiness to All its Residents #51

Becky Weiser

Wednesday Mar 31st, 2021

Hello, is anybody out there?  If you want to reach me you can call my landline, cell phone, email, use social media or send me a telegram.  What?  Nobody sends telegrams any more, but they did from 1847 until 2006 and we had a busy office here in Erie.


Sarah Woodruff - Erie Artist

Jeff Sherry

Friday Mar 26th, 2021

Little is known about Sarah M. Woodruff’s personal story. Her artwork, however, remains as a lasting legacy to her life and advocacy for the arts.